Be CHRISTmas - Curly paper ornaments

10:41:00 AM

Yes...I know! I have CHRIST big and bold in the Christmas! That is because for our family this year we are trying to remember to keep...Christ in...Christmas! Its a good reminder for myself! I am going to show you a few Christmas goodies here and there but today's is how to make cute glass ornaments with curly paper inside! Simple yet...adorable I think! AND you can change up the look a bit by using different colored papers or even papers with different textures, decorations etc! I love them!

I used large glass clear ornaments that I found at Michael's! You know I love any place that either already has them on sale OR I can use a coupon! I used 2 different scrap book papers (12x12 size) and then cut them into 1" strips using my Fiskars paper cutter.

You will start with 1 strip of paper at a time and roll it tightly in your fingers...I started to use a pencil and found my fingers did it better and the curls were tighter like I wanted!

I then took the end of my scissors and pushed the paper I could start cutting the curls.

I cut various lengths of curls like the one above. Some were longer!

Take your curls and drop them into your glass ornament until it is a little more than 1/2 way full.

Then you are going to pick up your ornament and shake shake shake! This way you are intermixing the papers!

I found some cute ribbon in my stash to make a bow. Add a hook and you can hang on your tree or even gift to friends, neighbors or teachers! I am having Emily Grace and Noah make them for their teachers as I think its easy enough for them to do! I will take them to pick out the paper themselves! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! And that giant bow on top is making me happy. :)

  2. Right! SO glad its not just me that adores the big bow!!

  3. oh my, those are super sweet!!! my kids are going to love making these this week!!