Ornament Swap

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Can I just say...I am shaking in my boots with excitement about my FIRST EVER swap with my little blog! I have participated in so many different swaps and I must tell you...they are ADDICTING! The anticipation as you await your package from your sender is enough to make me pee my pants (or is that the pregnancy?!) With the holidays fast approaching thanks Target for the reminder each time I walk in the store...because of you I am listening to Christmas tunes and watching holiday movies. I thought it would be fun to have a good ol' fashioned Ornament swap! It doesn't have to be expensive.

You don't have to be crafty. YOU can decide whether or not you will PURCHASE an ornament (on a side cheater fave place to purchase ornaments for swaps is Pier One! They are beyond adorable!) or you will MAKE an ornament! To participate please email me at and I will get you lined up with a buddy! ALSO, be on the lookout for a link up party (am I crazy to try 2 new things at once?!) that you can link up your own homemade ornaments to share with and inspire us! This will start next week (link up that is!).

If you are an Instagram user please use the hashtag #ornamentswapwithbnb (sorry so long its amazing HOW many hashtags there are for this!) to post your pictures! Pictures could be from the store...packaging up your ornament or even making your ornament! Don't forget to post a picture when YOU yourself receive your ornament! If you have a blog please add the special button so all can join in!
Britches & Boots

The deadline to sign up is: NOVEMBER 16th, 2012!! Please mail your ornament no later than December 1st! This way your receiver will have cheer to stare at all month long!

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  1. I shared about this on my blog facebook page. Hopefully it brought you even more friends to participate!!! :-) Thnaks for putting this on!!!

  2. I sent an email yesterday requesting to join the ornament swap, but haven't heard anything back. Just wondering if it's too late now...