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Can you believe the last day of school is FAST approaching? I swear we blinked and I now have a 3rd grader and a first grader. I have heard for the last 9 years how I will wake up one day to an empty house with grown up children. You shrug your shoulders and laugh as we all know what it is like to have a screaming 2 year old thrashing on the floor. And if you don't, I am sure you have seen it! You think that day will never happen. OR it's eons away.


I mean. For real. I have an almost 9 year old and she is turning into a lady. From getting her ears pierced to finding her own place in this world I am so proud of who and what she is becoming. But you know what? It takes a village and someone who plays a HUGE role in her development is our teachers.

I have aspirations of homeschooling. In fact I am downright envious of those that do. But as I joked with some of my friends, I'm not booksmart "I'm pretty". Not in a narcissistic way but in a "this art major would be in over her head" sorta way! I start out the year ready and excited to "teach" my children through their homework. I scratch my head in confusion and think HOW in the heck do they do it? It takes a special person to become a teacher. The patience of a saint I tell ya! We are not alone in our village...we have some pretty amazing people that shape, mold and grow our children for hours on end. I am so appreciative and thankful for them!

I have a whole lotta friends that are teachers. I wanted to know FROM them...what THEY like to get for teacher gifts. I mean, I love my Pinterest ideas...I mean I am VERY proud of the fact I get to add my little token of cleverness to the crafty pins out there. But, let's face it. They can only receive SO many crayon crafted pictures or pencil wrapped jars.

From the dudes {I told them we REALLY needed some guy ideas!}:
  • Wine <---- DO NOT have your underage student bring this in! We have to adult and bring it ourselves!!
  • Homemade cookies <---- such an easy idea, yet completely understated! As my friend said, "It's not like bringing in a box of chocolates. It's thoughtful! Especially if they made them." This friend is a sucker for homemade sweets! Think brownies or homemade candy?!
  • Beer <---- do you have a cool growler place nearby? Gift card OR buy the growler and attach the gift card to it (this way the student can bring it in!)
  • Stationary items like nice pens. <---- this one SHOCKED me!
  • Nice picture frames to be able to put pictures of their family in.
  • Gift cards to restaurants or for a round of golf!
How about if your teacher is also a coach? Well here are some great ideas from the men folk!
  • A new whistle. Not a cheap one but a nice whistle is always appreciative.
  • Nike or Under Armour shorts (the kind that wiks moisture)
  • Nice hats, to keep the sun off of their faces
  • Basketball coaches appreciate nice new clipboards (who'da thunk!)
  • Sunscreen <--- I literally laughed!

For the ladies here are some ideas:
  • Cute wooden signs {like Classroom rules, etc}
  • Handwritten notes, from the heart. <---- her words were "Knowing that a parent or a child took the time to sit down and tell me how I made a difference in their child's life or learning career - you can't put a price on that!"
  • Gift cards are always nice <--- Starbucks, restaurants, Target
  • Summer Necessities <--- especially perfect if your teacher loves to camp, has children or maybe has a trip planned. You could do a smores kit. All the fixin's and then some! Get creative!
DON'T FORGET your Principal's. The crosswalk ladies (and gents!) that smile at you everyday and makes sure your children do not get flattened by oncoming traffic. The custodian who goes out of her way to make your child feel special. The ladies that answer the phone in the office everyday. Gifts don't need to be HUGE or elaborate...but enough to know they are loved. YOU are thankful and they have not gone unnoticed!

I had a keychain made for my daughter's teacher, we gave it to her today {thank you Ruby Girl Design!!}! Her and I both almost cried! It had her name engraved on it and everything. My son's teacher we got her a necklace from the same Etsy shop and we are so grateful for their love and devotion. Tomorrow I will bring cupcakes from a local bakery...attached will be a note that says "Thank you for the sweet memories you helped me make this year." We will give them to our room assistants, the front office, our custodian, crosswalk ladies and of course our teachers.

NOW...who is excited for Summer?! 

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