Chris Tomlin

You're a good good father...

12:38:00 AM

I am sitting in paradise as I reflect on God. I am approaching 3 years since I felt my Father surround me with His love and tenderness. I felt His love calm me and make me feel at complete peace. I was fighting for my life and HE knew what I needed. He is a good, good father. And we are so greatly loved by him. Olivia Joy was the completion of my family. She was the last to hear my heart from the inside, and a joyous occasion turned into something that almost changed our path and took me from the ones I love the most. Instead of falling away, I leaned on our heavenly father. I drew closer to God, and you know what? He never left my side. I prayed over and over again. "Lord be with me". I know He has a purpose that I cannot describe for my life. I can speak on that moment with more faith than I have ever experienced in my life. He held me in the darkness. He brought me through to the other side. I am loved by Him. He is so perfect in all of his ways.

I am sitting and typing this out while Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett serenade my eardrums. "Love so undeniable that I can hardly speak. Peace so unexplainable that I can hardly think..." What do YOU think God is like?

He gets us through the hardships. I think sometime people are afraid to speak to Him. But you know what? He knows it all. It was laid out for us before we were formed in the depths of our mother's womb. We have been struggling as we navigate the path with our son and his anxiety/depression. What gets me through it is God. I need to reflect on how good he is. How amazing he is and how loved I am. How incredible is it that we have this opportunity? This trip away has been a moment of reflection and renewal. Resting and staring in awe and wonder at everything around me that God has made. I will go home with an open mind and a softened heart for my son. I am painting in my journaling bible as I worship Him. As I ponder WHO He is.

Chris and Pat spoke about their video for "Good Good Father" - We all have a picture of who we think God is. When we get down to the foundation of what we believe, the truth is that God is exactly who He says He is - a good, good father. I watched the behind the scenes of the song and had tears in my eyes. It is powerful. Watch it HERE.

You can purchase this song, which is one of my absolute favorites by going to iTunes or clicking HERE.  How would you like to meet Chris Tomlin? You could win hotel and airfare to the nearest location to worship with Chris Tomlin! Enter HERE!!

My prayer for you as you read this, that you never lose sight on the love our father has for you. We search for answers that were already written. Do not fear. Do not lose hope. Do not live life in despair. God is there. He is a good, good father.

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