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Hello Fresh...hellooooo easy!

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Alright, let's get real for a moment. My life is insane. Like, lack of sleep, hard to find time for yourself, not enough hours in the DAY sort of insane. Am I complaining? Heck no! These kidlets are small for such a short amount of time that I am soaking up every single dynomyte second! Bring it!

The area of my life that is lacking most...meal time. I am NOT even kidding you when I say that I struggle the most anymore with taking the time to plan out my meals for the week, grocery shop and then enough energy to physically prepare the food. Then this comes along...

A delightful package with 3 meals that contain enough ingredients to feed my entire family. had my from the moment I opened my front door. I have ALWAYS wanted to try one of these home delivered meal, thingie McBobs. But have been so leery. I do not want to buy a box that contains wilted lettuce and slimy meat. The inner farm girl came out of me as I carefully unpacked my box. Were the veggies wilted? Is the meat warm. Do they REALLY contain everything I need?

Boy Howdy was I in for a treat!

I could hardly contain my excitement as I opened our first meal. I squealed with delight unpacking the ingredients and scoping out the task at hand. Could I do it? Will we like it? UM, is this thing REALLY edible? And the million dollar question, will it look like the picture??

You will notice in the background of my pictures, mess. Everywhere. We are in between sports, in the middle of remodeling, preparing for a tropical vacation, planning birthday parties and LARGE school events as well as working fulltime from home. The clutter at this moment is the least of my worries! Food however...this makes the want/need list!

Future blogger and daughter extraordinaire grabs my camera and starts taking pictures while I was cooking! It was kind of fun to see me through HER eyes. Catch the angles and elements she saw were important to her!

The instructions are fool proof. Perfect for my lack of brain cells these days. HelloFresh even included an apron, which was great cause we all know I can get messy when I cook!

The only ingredients for this recipe not included were olive oil, salt and pepper. Easy enough I always have them on hand.

The ingredients were fresh. As if I would have picked them out myself. Nothing was wilted, brown or questionable. Spices were pre-measured so all I had to do was dump and pour. The step by step pictures were right up my alley. HelloFresh made it so easy on me I could carry on a conversation with my big despite it being the first time I have ever made this recipe.

My house smelled divine.

We couldn't wait to dive in!

The amount of food we received for the value was impressive. HelloFresh has thought of it all from packaging, to flavor and to freshness. I am highly impressed and was so excited to look at the options.
I LOVE that when you sign up it says "We love picky eaters" They make the recipes easy to follow, FRESH FRESH ingredients and I can use the time spent working up a menu, finishing Mt. Everest {aka laundry pile}. You can choose from Classic, Veggie or Family boxes. The ingredients are farm fresh, delivered to your doorstep. Win win if you ask me!!

Wanna hear something SUPER DUPER RAD?!! By reading my blog...HelloFresh has a $35 off code for you!! Homey say whaaaaaaat!! YES! Simply use the code Britch35 AWESOME POSSUM!!  Did I tell you that DELIVERY is FREE?!! As they say "We deliver everything to your door, so you can skip the trip!" Oh how this makes my busy mama heart soar! And while you are drooling over the choices, you can sip some java on me! Enter below for a $10 Starbizzle gift card!

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