It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Hallmark style

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Confession. I love Hallmark.

Like, when I say love...I mean "Hallmark holiday card" love! My husband makes fun of me because I can spend HOURS in a Hallmark store. AND whenever I am in charge of the remote, you can bet your biscuits I have Hallmark channel ON! SO...when I got asked to blog for them...I about cried! The lovefest has even been genetically passed down to my daughters! If they had to choose Ice cream or a trip to the Hallmark store...yep...they would choose Hallmark! My friends will even nod their heads in agreeance...I need a shirt that says "Hallmarks #1 fan"!

I love that Hallmark has something for literally everyone! My aunt {who is more like a big sister...I seriously love her to bits. She is one of my most favorite people on this entire planet!} LOVES all things Mickey and Minnie...I can find the cutest gifts for her there! IN FACT she is coming for Christmas and my girls are overly giddy to share their new lunchbox kit that came with cookie cutters, recipes and more! Today they pretended they were baking cakes and I let them mix flour, water and food coloring in a would have thought they won the golden ticket to the chocolate factory!

We found holiday goodness galore while shopping! From stocking stuffers (Itty bitties are ALL the rage right now! I show them in the video!) to Peppermint Bark <---- my dad and I already devoured this!

Christmas is my to Valentines. And Easter. And any other holiday that I can go ga ga over! I know the turkey hasn't been served yet, but there is something magical about twinkling lights, cups of hot cocoa and finding the most incredible ornament that floods memories to the forefront of your mind.

I am dreaming of baking.

Wrapping presents and delicious baked goods with sweet details and spending time with my family. 

I have a fun little contest for you! Go HERE tell me what 3 things YOU love and I will be giving away a fun Christmas surprise for 1 lucky winner! You have until November 24th to enter. Winner must be at least 18 and also a U.S. resident!
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