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As a mom of four kids, I am constantly feeling as though I am being led into uncharted territory. Is this safe for them? Will they eat this? Are they getting enough vitamins and fresh air? Will they be teased? Do they feel good about themselves, or is there a bubble available for purchase through Amazon Prime?

My oldest going to be 9. We are entering an area where she is finding herself. New found confidence and even areas where she is lacking in confidence. She is learning self discipline. She is deciding how she wants to do her hair. We have had to talk about showering daily vs. every other day. Deodorant has joined her bathroom as well as training bras. She is watching me and seeking out advice from the confidence she finds in me. It is my job to give her the tools to empower herself and make her confidence soar.

Enter Willa.

My dear friend contacted me as her daughter is a consultant for the company. She didn't contact me as a "hey would you buy some products from my kid?" instead it was a "could you take a look at this site and give me some insight?"

I logged in.

My eyes lit up. I told her...the website in itself made me happy to look at. I love the look, the feel and now I wanted to get my hands on some of the products. This is where Christy enters the picture.

Christy is the founder of Willa. Her story started when she was 29. Shortly after she had her daughter Willa, she was diagnosed with skin cancer. When Christy was younger, she did everything she could to make her skin more "healthy". This included a regimen of baby oil, sunshine and good ol' fashioned cookie sheets. If a pimple reared its ugly head, she knew it was time to tan. Her confidence vanished when she would sit in class with hands over her cheeks to cover the blemishes and red pimples. She knew she didn't want this life for Willa, her now 15 year old daughter. Willa came to Christy asking how to take care of her skin. She knew what she liked and knew what she didn't like and so the story begins.

Willa was created as a way to empower and bring confidence. The products are created and designed to let your true assets shine through (minus the shine!).

What is it that sets Willa apart from other brands out there? Well, for one. MOST brands are not formulated to meet the needs of younger girls and can be harmful and damaging to the skin. I am so impressed with the fact that they have enlisted the help of Bruce Akers, who is a well respected green chemist and has been formulating natural products for the last 15 years. AS well as Matin Maulawizada, a health and beauty expert who has worked with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Claire Danes and the amazing Angelina Jolie! Since adding this duo into the mix they have launched NEW products and have more in store for us...Christy told me some that are in the works. BUT I don't want to be the one that spills the secret. SO my lips are sealed! {Speaking of lips, I cannot get enough of the Skinny Mini lip shimmer...I am ADDICTED!} Let's just say I will be stalking the website {or waiting for Christy to call me personally!} for the new launch!

Why do I care?

Well, as a mom of 3 girls...one of which is already showing signs of preteens I want to give my girls the tools that can benefit them for the long run. Em is starting to deal with small pimples. She is noticing dry patches on her skin. It is my job to teach her how to take care of herself and in turn when she becomes a mom, she will be able to do the same. Wanna know a secret? I have been personally using the products as well and am a huge fan! One of my favorites is the Balancing Act, which is a misting toner that you can spritz on any time of the day for an extra boost. The smell is AH-MAY-ZING and the look and feel of the bottle makes you feel like you just spent gobs on it, when in all reality the prices were so ridonkulously bananas!

Emily Grace happily walks you through her skin washing regimen! I love this kid!

Home from soccer and covered in mud, she felt fresh and so clean clean after using Start Fresh foaming face wash. She takes it in the shower with her everyday and washes her face both morning and night!

Spritz with the Balancing Act toner. Then...

She follows it up with some moisturizer that comes in a liquid form! I think that is what she likes best about it! Face Friendly is CLEAR! So no endless smoothing. It goes on with a quick and easy application!

I personally like to follow up the Balancing Act with step 3 of the Acne line called Zero Shine which is an oil-free mattifying lotion!

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I want to get the word out! Willa is a NEW company! They originally launched at J Crew, Target and a few other stores but decided why not help others make money while promoting a product they love! They pulled out of the retail world and dove into the DS market on a mission to help others. Willa became official in April and has big dreams and aspirations to give young women financial opportunities! You can learn more about that opportunity HERE!

Wanna hear something rad? Christy is giving 1 lucky winner ALL of the products I mentioned above! YEP! You will get: Start Fresh, Balancing Act, Face Friendly, Zero Shine and my all time fave lip shimmer Skinny Mini! Valued at over $90...

Giveaway ends November 12th. Enter below!

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