3rd annual ornament swap

7:20:00 PM

I am SO excited!! GUESS WHAT?!! It's time for our annual Ornament Swap!! The thing I love about this exchange is that people get super creative and put together some incredibly swag-tastic packages. Think outside of the ornament box...put together a movie theme: Elf ornament, Elf movie, Candy Canes, striped elf socks...White Christmas: snowglobe ornament, movie, white chocolate, knit scarf.

The key to an awesome gift exchange is to RESEARCH UP on your recipient! Get to know their likes and dislikes! Stalk their instagram, Pinterest, FB ----> whatever!!

BE SURE if you join in, you abide by the deadline and SEND YOUR GIFTS!! It is no fun when you sign up, you send a gift and then you never receive one. Boo hiss. Don't be a cotton headed ninny muggins.

When you sign up, please update your profile. Tell the peeps what you dig yo. Write down your social media links...have FUN!!

I will link peeps up on the 27th of November. MAIL NO LATER THAN December 5th. <----- NO LATER! Got that?!! Please mark on the Elfster when your package has been mailed! Now who is excited?!! We will have a U.S. and Canada exchange!

For U.S. you will wanna click HERE!!

My Canadian friends...please click HERE!!

NOW...what are you waiting for?! Clickity click right up there ^ and be sure you help spread the word so we have a super rad Ornament swap. I LUUUUURVE to get crafty! I am debating if I will make mine or if I will go to Pier One (seriously Pier One and Crate & Barrel have the cutest ornaments of all times!) Don't forget to tell your fave colors and decor style in your Elfster profile!

May your stockings be stuffed and your tree!

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