cherished moments


10:55:00 PM

When I was a child I couldn't wait to grow up. To move out. To be on my own. To meet THE one and to then start a family of my own. I had a dream of being a mom. I came from a small family and wanted a large family. I wanted to hear the sounds of little feet. My walls filled with shrieks of joy and laughter. Silly jokes and bedtime stories.

I am living my personal dream.

God gifted me 4 of the most precious gifts I could have ever received. We have 4 more perfect packages awaiting us at the pearly gates that I know will be just as eternally amazing. But for now I live in the now. This moment.

Since my hysterectomy I relish each minute more. I know I cannot get these moments back. I must mould, grow and form them with gentleness, love and compassion. I need to live with a heart that is lighthearted and joy filled. I must stop, if only for a second to breathe in the youth. Breathe in the little. Make a mental memory that overflows my heart.

School starts soon. Sports are happening and for some reason this doesn't make me excited. It makes me sad. It marks the start of another chapter in my favorite little peoples lives. New firsts, new beginnings. New moments. New memories. I would be lying if I didn't admit I have cried more than a handful OK 2  of times. I must sport my brave face. Dawn a smile and cheer them on. But I don't want to. As selfish as this sounds I really just want them to stay little. Stay small. Stay mine. Here in my perfect little world.

We have skipped bedtimes for extra stories or couch cuddles. Done marathon gardening and planting when dusk has struck our path. Spent countless hours in the car as we travel and see things. Spent a week exploring the beach and feeling the sand between our toes. We eat out once a week for breakfast at our favorite local diner. Bring art projects in and do them at the table. Had more coffee/smoothie or frozen yogurt dates than I can even count and skipped showers so many times just so we could move onto something else in our day.

We hold hands. Sing songs and we laugh as often as we possibly can. We have so many projects started and not finished and my inbox is flooded with thousands of emails I haven't bothered to even check. We raised ladybugs and tried for the 4th time to raise fish. <---- we think this time we have finally got it.

I have had meltdowns. Myself and the children. We have shed tears and we have had so many fights and bickering matches it should make me want to send my kids far far away. <----- these negatives were far less than the positives. These "moments" shaped us and helped us to grow.

This is our perfectly imperfect life and I wouldn't change it for the world.

My children are growing up before my eyes. I am so excited for what their future holds, but for now I will continue to make as many lasting moments in their lives as possible.

Thank you Macey of Moments by Macey for not only being my friend. But coming with us on our annual beach trip. YOU captured some moments I will cherish for the rest of my life. I love that you didn't just capture the perfect, but you captured the real. I can't wait for our next life style shoot.

I was just about to publish this post and I finally read some messages. I laughed as Macey wanted me to share an offer to MY readers!! I thought, well gosh! Is this perfect timing or what? Mention my blog for $50 off of a 90 minute session and you will also receive a free 8x10. She is an incredible Portland, Oregon based lifestyle photographer who doesn't limit herself to location! You can see more pictures on her blog and also follow her on Facebook for upcoming specials, events and more.

I don't want to forget these moments. I will never regret stopping to smell a pack of fresh diapers {oh my heaven!} or tickling the palm of a dimpled hand. These are my babies. My people. My entourage and moments.

God, you are so good to me. Thank you for your sweet blessings.

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