Easy as Pie!

9:02:00 PM

Ever just have a day. Not like an average day...but like a "I just need to cram chocolate into my face super fast" sorta day? Well, that was this day for me!

From the moment I woke up my day was NOT playing in my favor! But you know what did? I made up a recipe and have dubbed it my "Get in my belly" fast pie! Yep, start to finish this bad boy took about 20 minutes to make! And then an hour to "set up"! NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE put me up to a challenge! Recently they did a hackathon. You can click HERE to see some super incredible recipes that are tasty AND easy!!, who DOESN'T like easy?? The challenge was to use NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE products and come up with a tasty little treat. I brainstormed ideas with my big. Her request...that it be lactose free so she could partake! Here is the Speed Scratch recipe we came up with!

We first picked a cookie. Our pick was Chocolate Chip Lovers...the more chocolate the better! Let stand 10 minutes before starting to let the dough get a bit softer.

Using a rolling pin, we flattened out the cookie dough and pressed it together to make 1 large cookie. 

When lifting the dough, find something flat or else it will fall apart in your hands!

Once rolled out we pressed into an ungreased pie plate. Forming it around like a pie crust. Preheat your oven to 350 and bake for 15-18 minutes.

When golden brown, using a paring knife cut a few slits in the dough to release some steam. This will help the dough to sink down and become more flat. 

I then squished the dough down along the center to create a crevice for the filling to go inside. Anything with a smooth flat bottom would work great! For me I found a measuring cup!

Since the big requested lactose free, we made dark chocolate pudding to go inside for our filling. Pour directly inside the "crust" and then let stand in fridge for an hour.

Of course no pie is complete without a whipped dairy free topping and Dark Chocolate Morsels on top! It was DELIGHTFUL!!! Creamy, crunchy and sweet!

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