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Cake smash for a 2 year old

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Alright, let's talk photos for a minute. If you have followed my blog for a bit you KNOW that I am absolutely infatuated with photos. No...I do not take them myself! I have an amazing friend who does this for me. Her name is Julie and she owns Happenstance Photography . One of the many things I love about this women, is that she is always open to new and fun ideas. Mind you I may be a tad bit bias, considering the fact I consider her one of my dearest friends. But, for real! I will have a random dream and message her about it (idea for a picture) and she is always like YES! Let's do it!

This photo shoot was one of them.

Now, most consider doing a cake smash for a first birthday party. Right? I mean, woo hoo! Cute. I love them and did them with all of mine. But let's be honest. MOST 1 year olds have never had cake before. So they are taken back by the sweetness of the frosting. The loud noises and the peanut gallery they are facing as they take their first bite. Some will take a fist full...most will just. Cry!

I wanted something different. Livy is my last of 4. I am realizing I relish in her smallness. I am cherishing each tiny dimple on her hand and I wanted her to be able to go at a cake ALL by herself. On her own terms. With Julie watching, of course! My most favorite style is more rustic. I am a farm girl at heart and my last name is! I have to play off this! Julie suggested an incredible National Park which we have done many shoots at and we went out on a beautiful warm afternoon. Much to my and her delight...the pictures turned out better than we could have ever imagined.

First she needed to warm up to the camera. Although she knows Julie extremely well. Like any other toddler there is a "get to know you better" period! This picture captures this side of my boo bear oh so well. Her lovey in hand (she doesn't go far without Bunny. In fact Bunny is in her 1 year pictures as well!) First scrape on her elbow. This one, is in a frame! Once she was warmed up, we decided to set out the cake! I picked up this cake at the bakery THAT morning! I didn't pre-order! I just saw this one and said PERFECT!

She ran to the cake!

First words were "Mommy, mine?" We said yes and she was over the moon. The rest is all her!

I will cherish these pictures for as long as I live. I am getting teary eyed as I reflect on these memories. This moment. My baby was so happy we let her, be...her!

Then the sugar started to kick in! This is where "drunk Livy" enters the room! Seriously we were in stitches laughing so hard! Look closely at the foot! This is the start of it! She was dancing her heart out! Leg in the air as she chews her bite. Licks more frosting and then the other leg in the air!

OH, but it gets better!

Not only is she now walking AROUND the box...but she also decides trying to eat the cake from standing on top of the box is a nifty idea!

The point is. Don't limit a cake smash to a first birthday! Think outside of the box {as Livy did above!} and come up with a new angle. I am kicking myself we didn't do these with all the kids! Hey Julie, what do you think about a 5, 7 and 9 year old cake smash!

The sugar rush after made for some of the cutest pictures! Completely out of her shell. In her own element and just pure cheese for the camera!

Want to learn how you can have your pictures taken by Julie? Visit her website or follow her on Facebook! She has given me the most precious gift any mom could ask for. Visual memories which are so much more than a keepsake. They are a treasured walk, down memory lane.

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