Living life and Huggies Simply Clean

10:52:00 PM

My world is filled with laughter and our cups running over. It is loud, crazy, fun, messy, dirty and brings me the biggest joy. I am...Mom.

I had dinner with a bunch of girlfriends and somehow we got on the topic of "OK, who here has baby wipes in their purse?" Almost every single person at the table, reached inside their purse and pulled out a pack! We were cracking up! I told them before children I would have never bought them. But now that I have them, I will never STOP using them!

My wipes of choice, Huggies Simply Clean which are new and improved with a triple clean layers and they don't tear! A friend was over and said, "OH my gosh. So I used your wipes and was happily surprised. NO tearing!" I laughed and said, "RIGHT?!" I always buy the refill packages. Easy to toss and go.

Messy noses and the first thing my Liv love asks for "Wipe, peas? Mama?"

We were laughing as we swapped stories on ways we use wipes.

See the crayon marks on my BRAND NEW ottoman? It was covered in them...

There is NO way I could get mad at this sweet face! Instead...grab a Huggies Simply Clean wipe and watch it disappear! 

Crayon be gone!! POOF! The thing I have realized is I will never be without wipes, BECAUSE KIDS OUTGROW DIAPERS, NOT MESSES* Want some of your own? You won't regret it! You can find them HERE!

Thank you Huggies for sponsoring my post and inspiring me to try them in my home!

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