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Tree Top Playdate and NEW Fruit Full

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 {All opinions in this post are solely my own. I was compensated by Tree Top for my participation in this campaign as a part of the Mom it Forward group}

This funky bunch of mine and myself were invited to the Tree Top Play Date (thank you Mom it Forward!). The kids were able to run around and play while us mama's learned how to make a mock-tail and learned more about the NEW products that Tree Top has to offer. Can I start off by saying that the apples are from the Northwest...that alone makes them the best company out there! Just keepin' it real folks! They treated us to lunch and even had massages available! {they even catered to the kids with PB&J's, fruit and goldfish! They were delighted!} We made crafts out of fruit that the kids could eat and there was a whole lotta juice drinkin' going on!

We were delighted to come home with a bottle of the NEW Strawberry Fruit Full. It's a simple, shelf-stable smoothie in a bottle! It is SO good! They also have a Mango one. My first thought was MARGARITA'S!! Seriously this is going to be a new beach staple! Plus is full of vitamin c, has no added sugar,  no high fructose corn syrup and is perfect for any age group! I LOVE that my kids can have their daily smoothie and I don't have to break out my blender..yet you can "fuss it up" a bit as well for us mama's!

My girls decided to sit and rock awhile while drinking theirs! They turned it into a competition to who could drink theirs the fastest...then were disappointed when it was all gone!

I on the other hand turned it into a virgin daiquiri! It was SO easy! Put 3 cups of ice cubes and then pour in your juice till it just about covers the ice. You can throw fresh strawberries in too if you like! Blend...

Then take a glass...getting the rim slightly damp dip your glass into a bowl of sugar (or you can be lazy like me and just stick it into my sugar container!)

Garnish with fresh mint (I added raspberries because we just picked them!) and then voila! Easy drink perfect for the heat!

OH and a little secret...I use Tree Top pouches in some of my baking recipes! In fact I baked Chocolate Zucchini muffins which will be on the blog this can bet I used Tree Top! You can find awesome recipes and ideas FROM Tree Top on Pinterest!

Heather, our incredible hostess made us a Mocktail that was simply to die for! Literally SO good!

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

10 mint leaves
1 Tbsp Sugar
1/4 of a fresh lime
1/2 cup Tree Top Fruit Full (we used Strawberry)
1/2 cup club soda

Place mint leaves, sugar and lime wedge in a glass. Use a muddler or back end of a large wooden spoon to crush the mint and lime and dissolve the sugar. Fill glass almost to the top with ice. Pour Fruit Full Smoothie over the ice, followed by the club soda. Garnish with additional lime wedge and add more sugar to taste.

Have a blessed day!

Want to learn more about Tree Top and what they have to offer? You can do so buy following them on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or simply visit their website!

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