Miracle baby...

12:00:00 AM

Once upon a time, there was a little curly Q baby girl who became her mama's saving grace. The End.

My miracle baby. Through my many pregnancies (4 here and 4 in heaven) I have encountered more fear, more pain and more faith. Not one of my pregnancies gave us "simple". Each held something that made them stand out from the other. This final pregnancy for us became the most memorable yet. She was our first to make it through the initial ultra sounds with NO hiccups. No blips and no "watch for this". She was the first one to complete my heart. See my heart started to fill up from Emily Grace...and so on. But with Olivia Joy she completed me. I knew from the moment I held her sweet little body and looked her in the eyes. That God had made me whole.

12 hours later as I watched doctors and nurses fight to save my life. I could do only one thing. Hold my baby tightly in my arms, kiss her head and pray. She is the one that saved me. Yes, technically it was God directing the doctors and nurses. But I believe it was because of HER...I am alive.

She is my miracle. My saving grace. My earthly angel sent to me moments before. I stumbled upon the shop Tink & Key (Etsy) on Instagram. A few convos later and we had hit it off. I adore them. I adore what they are about and what they strive to do. They are a faith based tee shirt biz that wants to put a smile on others faces. They take great pride in each article of clothing and it shows. They are easy to work with. They ship fast and they know the significance and meaning of how important our children are. BUT something I am even more excited about...they now carry adult shirts too! Is it bad I want to get matching for my entire crew and myself? But when I came across this shirt...Miracle Baby. It made me tear up. Because I truly believe this child is my miracle baby. Thank you sweetie for sending me my favorite shirt! Is it bad I will be forcing her to wear it weekly?! HA!

Want to hear something even more exciting? Tink & Key is offering up a discount for my readers! Use the code: britchesnboots and you will recieve 20% off your entire order! HOW awesome is that?! Have a blessed day!

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