Holy Shnikes Batman...

10:44:00 PM

Yep! It's me! I have been off the grid. Vanished from the radar so speak! House projects galore, backyard projects, Summer, sprinklers, sunshine, Summer, kids, laughter, coffee dates, did I say Summer yet?! Every time I think about sitting at the computer I sit here. With a blank stare on my face...thinking about being elsewhere! We have been working on the small garden expansion...and I am loving it!

Were building a chalkboard in the back on the play structure and the kids and I are decorating the post you see in the far right! Will be covered in birdhouses etc. I chopped off my hair! After 3 1/2 years of growing it out I cut 7" off! I am loving it! SO much easier and I am not just pulling it back 24/7! I think I NEEDED it!

I survived 3 days alone...with my kids. Solo parenting while my husband had fun (it rained!) on a golf weekend with his college friends. We had a movie night with friends, spent countless hours at the book store, shopped, laughed and actually had a wonderful time. Despite me being insanely scared! I am however still completely wiped out exhausted and there are not enough cups of coffee in the world to currently keep me awake! BUT...I survived! I DID it!

My son got hurt at a graduation party. Seriously we are finding graduation parties are just NOT our "thing"! Emily Grace broke her elbow at a grad party 2 years ago and Noah decided to take on a boulder. With his face. I think the boulder one...at least it made a huge dent in him and NOT on the rock! A goose egg the size of a golf ball (not even kidding), double black eyes, dead tooth (front left...if it grows and abscess the pull...if not we wait until it falls out on its own!). He has had xrays and been checked out by the doctor and dentist. NO skull fracture (PRAISE GOD!)! But still 2 weeks later I get stares from strangers if I take him in public. So I have avoided leaving at all cost!

This was BEFORE the double black eyes! But...I am here. I am alive and I am loving life! I became a Jamberry Nails Consultant! And I am in shock at HOW amazing the company, the product AND my business is going! At it 5 weeks and I already moved up 4x! Not bad I would say! You can find me on Facebook too! BUT...one of the next reveals on the blog I will be revealing my bathroom redo (fingers crossed it will be soon!) It is still a construction site but so far I am LOVING it!! You can see a sorta before shot...

I apologize if the Mauve burned your retina's! And yes, I am the one that chose the paint color originally! Oy! Goodbye ugly! Hellooooo...new!

See you soon baboons! I am out the door dinosaur. Bye bye butterfly. I'm gonna blow a kiss jelly fish...

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