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Yo-Yo Headband - Tutorial

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Since March is National Craft Month my wonderful friend Steph over at Crafting in the Rain asked if I would want to join in her A-Z crafts for the month. Not going to lie I was a little intimidated at the thought especially when it came down to the "perfect letter" to choose. Then my 7 year old was bugging me to make her some new headbands for school and I decided to pick "Y" for yo-yo. The thing I love about making yoyo's is they are easy, take very little time and you can make so many amazing things out of them. I plan on making a bunch to string together and make a garland to hang from my mantle. OR how about hairclips, embellishments to shirts or even a necklace?! The list seriously could carry on!

The easiest way to make a yo-yo is to purchase a kit like you see below. Fairly inexpensive when you combine with a Michael's, Joannes or Hobby Lobby coupon and they come in various sizes. The size I used for this project is Extra Large.

 Another great thing is you can use scraps of fabric that you already have. You will need a yo-yo maker, a pair of scissors, fabric scraps, a needle and thread. Chocolate and iced tea is optional!

I have made a collage to go step by step...truly once you get one down you will be able to make these in about 2 minutes!

  1. This is your X-Large yo-yo maker!
  2. Pop the center piece out and place the outer part over top of your fabric with the print side going inside.
  3. Flip your fabric over and pop the center piece back in. You will want to make sure your lines are matched up (how I do this is make sure the wording on either side is the same direction).
  4. Cut your fabric leaving 1/4" to 1/2". The more you have the thicker the yo-yo. I do sometimes leave more to give a bulkier affect.
  5. You are going to start at the top and press your fabric down against the inside piece.
  6. Work from the bottom portion of the yo-you maker moving your way to the top with a thread and needle.
  7. Go from one corner to the next weaving in and out till you've gone all the way around and are back at the beginning. Once at the beginning stage you will go through the first hole one more time.
  8. You will then grab both ends of the thread and pull lightly and pop the center portion of the yo-yo maker out. Setting your outer layer aside.
  9. This is wear you pop the center piece out of your fabric.
  1. Face your fabric, pattern facing down as shown in the picture and pull the side of thread that has your needle on it. 
  2. Pulling slowly you will see your fabric starting to fold into itself. You can tuck the edges of the fabric in a bit as you pull.
  3. Your yo-yo is finished and you need to tie a couple knots in your thread so that it does not come apart!
  4. Cut your threads and there you go! This is the front of your yo-yo.
  5. This is the back of the yo-yo.
  6. They are super easy to embellish. Here I used a fabric covered button found in the scrap booking supplies. Made a small bow and using hot glue I embellished to give it a clean finished look.
I had a package of plain elastic headbands from Target that matched perfectly with my fabric. Line the elastic up with your yo-yo making a stream of hot glue and press down. You will then make a circle of felt and glue over top the elastic and the back of the yo-yo to give a cleaner look. There you have it! Super easy and fun to wear!

But wait...you have got to see what these other talented ladies came up with for you! Have a blessed day!

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