liquid sunshine

The Spring break blues...

12:00:00 AM

I am midway into Spring break. I have looked at this week with excitement. A week to unwind. Take deep breaths. Sleep in. Drink lots of coffee and get outdoors as much as possibly can. Well. We had a few nice days and its back to the same old wet, rainy "liquid sunshine" Oregon days. I know. There are people that would give their right arm for rain, but I am big fat over it. With an all caps OVER.

The Winter brought us back to back sickness. Something our house has never experienced. Hindsight is the pediatrician says Livy Joy will have perfect attendance award when she starts school. In the meantime every sniffle I get paranoid. I have never been more thankful for a boogie sucker and my pink cool mist humidifier in my life. Throw in my "hippie" oils and you got yourself a wild and crazy partay. No. But for real. I am a wee bit stir crazy!! And although I love my green state of Oregon...I wanna kick it in the keester and get my warm ball of sunshine back.

I really have to laugh at my fantasy of "sleeping in" cause lets get real for a moment. I have 4 kids ages 7, 5, 3 and turning 1 in a mere 10 days. What IS this magical world I call sleep? Hasn't been in my vocabulary for a really long time. I do however have the entire movie Frozen memorized from start to finish. I have started about 15 projects. Left said 15 projects and moved onto other things. My home looks like a crime scene as I decided now would be the perfect week to go through and reorganize. Insert crazy here _______ . 

Behind the blues of lack of sunshine and lack of running around without getting drenched I have had some pretty amazing moments. I went on a run with my boy the other day and we laughed and joked around the whole time. Took my oldest on a run yesterday and while we were out it started to down pour. Like buckets, hoses, oceans, lakes, rivers, bathroom sinks. We were soaked to the bone. At first I was annoyed. But the annoyance took over with nonstop laughter which made my daughter laugh and pretty soon neighbors were coming out to their porches smiling, waving and laughing along with the 2 drowned rats out on the sidewalk. I have never liked to be caught in the rain except for that very moment. That was a God moment. A moment he intervened to show me some good ol' Oregon liquid love.

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