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Be forewarned, this is where the tears are streaming as I type. All those above have played a huge role in my 3 years of blogging. They might not even realize how much their love and their friendships have impacted me. Funny thing...I have only physically met 3 face to face (soon to be 4 as we plan a weekend away together!). This world of "blogging" is an interesting one. There are different blogs with different niches. Some won't give you the time of day...but then some. Some open up their hearts to you. Some share the triumphs, the trials, the pitfalls and the joys. These are the solid rock friendships that push you to be a better you. The days you feel like you are gonna fall flat on your face, they pray over you and tell you to push forward.

In my 3 years of blogging I have grown more confident in who I am. I have found the me in the words I type. I have opened up my heart and grown closer to God through writing to you. You have been present in so many pivotal moments in my life. Through the loss of a parent, almost losing my own life and the birth of 2 of my children. You have been there as I have transformed rooms, planned parties, created new recipes and crafted to my hearts content. For this, I am forever grateful.

Carrie of True Lovely Good (above!) is the push behind this entire blog. I was asked so many times how I made a project or a recipe on Facebook. And so many times, I would write a tutorial out under "notes" adding in pictures and editing it the way you would a blog post. Finally she said, "let's do this." So the brainstorming began for the perfect blog name. I knew I wanted this blog to be a reflection of me. I want YOU to know and see who I really am and what I am about. I grew up "farm" and that is a big part of me...hence how the name Britches & Boots: A place I call home came about. I have to be honest, my one and only fear with my that I forget the 'R' in Britches!

This giveaway would not be possible without the following people, so please take the time to help me thank them:

And a huge thank you to my amazing affiliate Pick Your Plum which is the most amazing company to work ever. Thank you Em, for everything you do. I simply adore you!

WHO is ready to try and win some awesomeness?! How does $75 in PayPal cash and a $25 Plum box sound? Giveaway is open to U.S. residents, 18 years or older. Giveaway closes on March 23rd. Now go grab yourself a celebratory cupcake and enter below!

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