Little Miss - Little Mister Party

12:00:00 AM

Nothing like finding an abandoned folder of pictures from last year's birthday party! I have to admit though I was 3 months pregnant at the time (meaning I was sicker than a dog...then times that by 10!) so most of the pictures turned out awful and I have only a small amount of clear ones! BUT the cake is something you don't wanna miss! This was the year I made the mistakes of having our white carpets cleaned a few days before the party. Then. The frosting on the cupcakes were The picture above my son is cleaned up! He was officially a smurf! Oh the fun memories though! And yes, my carpet still has stains in a few areas from tumbling cupcakes!

Because I was pregnant I decided I wanted to do a combo birthday and also Ava Faith and Noah are a mere 2 weeks apart the thought of doing 2 parties in 1 month made me squirm! They were fine with this and helped me come up with the theme. Ava Faith being all frill decided she wanted a pink bow on her cake and I loved the idea of a Tiffany blue cake!

Noah picked out mustaches and helped them come up with a very "masculine" looking cake. It was stachetastic!

I kept it very simple. And the kids loved it! We served up lots of food. There were lots of laughed and plenty of memories!

But the number one thing we will never forget...the frosting!

Well alas, I mustache!

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