bowed tibia

The ankle bones connected to the knee bone...

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The knee bones connected to the hip bone. The hip bones connected to the back bone...OK I am sure you remember this song! Now that I have it stuck in your head I will let you remember the rest of the lyrics! As most of you know my oldest was born with a bowed tibia. The larger of the two bones is known as the Tibia and the smaller is the fibula. These bones are located in the lower half of your legs.

Today I met with the surgeon for Emily Grace's leg. I was in knots going by myself as my husband has been at every one with me since she was in utero. When she was in utero her leg was 18% shorter and her foot was stuck up at a 90 degree angle. Over the first 5 years of her life her foot dropped and the tibia 100% corrected itself without surgery. Something that blew our surgeon away as he had not seen anything like her before. She is such a miracle child. Living and breathing. Walking and running. We knew that surgery would be on the table if her leg increased from the 1/2" shortness. 

We had to go in because since the car accident she has been in such extreme pain. It usually results in tears. Manipulations and massage have not been helping and the results from her xrays showed that her hips are off by a lot and that her back is "flat" from the scoliosis that is being caused from her leg length (or lack there of). After her chiropractor and pediatrician went over the results we were told to schedule in with our surgeon and discuss the xray results as until we take care of her leg, her back will not heal properly. SO. Today. A year earlier than originally planned (we were due back NEXT March) we went to meet with her doctor. I LOVE her surgeon who is actually semi retired and he did new xrays and came in with his very straight forward "here is how this will play out" results. Her length has worsened and is now 3/4"-1" shorter which will mean no matter what she is going to have the surgery to stop the growth plate when she is 11 or 12. The surgery is intense.  She will be in the hospital for about a week and will take about 12 weeks to fully recover.

As of right now he is wanting her to do pediatric physical therapy and although a lift will do nothing in helping her "tibia" she will be using a lift in her shoe starting tomorrow ONLY while at school to help her hips even out so we can hopefully heal her soft tissue in her back from the accident. If the leg pain continues and the back pain as well...we will be looking at a double surgery where they will go in and stick a steel plate on both sides of a growth plate using pins. These would be in place for several months. This helps to "slow" the growth but lets it still grow. (this is in her good leg). Because the put it in...they would also need to do a 2nd surgery to remove the pins and plates. 

For now...we pray. We pray some more and we thank God for the living miracles he has already performed in my sweet baby girl (she hates when I call her my baby!). Thank you for your well wishes on Instagram today. Means the world to us. 

Have a blessed day. 

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