Fairy dust

Tooth Fairy Magic dust

8:34:00 PM

Well. It finally happened!! On New Year's Eve my oldest finally lost her very first tooth! She will be 7 this next week and had been upset she hadn't lost one yet! I expected her reaction to be excitement. Pure joy. Jumping up and down. No!

My sweet bug started crying. Like, big fat alligator tear sobbing! She yelled "PUT IT BACK, PUT IT BACK. I don't want it gone!" We had to calm her down while we were trying hard not to laugh ourselves. Then she started to get excited! Funny thing, we noticed her adult tooth is already coming in! You can see it just slightly in the gap there! So we won't have a toothless wonder for long!

Because I was not fully prepared. I hadn't bought the glitter hairspray that I originally saw on Pinterest and though GENIUS! I am going to do that! So I looked in my tub of glitter and found ultra fine light pink glitter (I also have light blue which I will save for Noah!). I thought to myself...I got this! I can make it work! I wrote a note from the tooth fairy:

I made a typo error that only the tooth fairy and I will ever remember! It was the RIGHT incisor not left! Oops! It was late and I was excited. Nervous and a bit overwhelmed!

My mom had given me a can of hairspray saying it was too "wet" for her hair which had me thinking! I sprayed the note with an outstretched arm and then dusted glitter all over it (just one side since I would be rolling it). It worked beautifully! I then sprayed the $5 bill (yes...apparently all the kids are getting $5 for the first lost tooth. I actually confirmed this with multiple parents. And no. She will not be getting that much next time! What happened to 4 quarters for the first tooth and 2 for the next?!)

I shook it to get excess off and did both sides. It truly sparkled like was filled with magic! I rolled both up together and tied with twine and then stuck inside the tooth fairy pillow her and I made together. Which is a tutorial for tomorrow! Have a blessed night!

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