Handmade/Homemade for the Holidays - Tree Trunk ornaments

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We recently had our Christmas photos taken by one of my dearest and closest friends. She is the sweetest and most kind person you will ever meet. Her laugh lingers in your mind hours later and she tells the best stories. Her creativity is insane. Really. Jane of all trades...well maybe I should say "Julie of all trades"!

Julie is the owner of Happenstance Photography. If you live in the Portland area, I cannot recommend her enough! She has been photographing my kids for the last 5 years and when I look around my home it truly makes me smile knowing my most favorite photos were taken by a close friend. She has a way with children and you would never know by looking at our photos that the Angry Elf sitting with Missy the Moose was giving us attitude the entire shoot! She is brilliant. I will share more of the pics from our shoot at the end of the tutorial she made! Go visit her Facebook page. Be sure to follow along! But for now. A tutorial for my Handmade/Homemade for the Holidays series. By my friend Julie!

Hi my name is Julie! This is a great way to commemorate your first tree for your child. First tree as a married couple. Or even just to create some super neat, fun and easy Christmas ornaments!

First off, have your hub cut a few slices from the bottom of the tree, in case you goof while decorating and want to start over again.
Once you've stashed away your tree slices, you really have all the time in the world to decorate it! Just don't wait 5 years like I did!!! For Jack, I actually had the front done the first year, but couldn't find anything to put on the back. Lily's tree was about twice the diameter of Jack's, so I had put a photo on the back of hers, but Jack's was so small I finally decided to just punt and put that cute little elf on and call it done! I couldn't even squeeze the year on!
It's not a bad idea to allow the tree slice to dry out a bit, so it doesn't start oozing sap on your beautiful design.  Neither of mine were oozy, but I could see it happening.
Decorate however you like! I used my scrap booking stash and found the rub-ons especially fantastic! I topped each kid's tree with a 3-D object  - Lily has a little rhinestone topper, and Jack has a heart-shaped brad. I like a little dimension! I would have preferred some nicer letters for their names, but sometimes you just use what you've got!
Finish with a coat or 2 of Mod-Podge to make sure everything stays protected and your rub-ons don't rub-off. Voila! Super easy, super cute, super special way to commemorate baby's first Christmas!
{and now...more pictures from our family Christmas shoot by the amazingly Talented Julie of Happenstance Photography! Thank you so much friend! It was a delight having you on my wee blog!} 

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