Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun - Tutorial

12:00:00 AM

While with family for Thanksgiving my little brothers girlfriend taught me the downright coolest thing ever. The ballerina bun. BUT this ballerina bun takes about 2 minutes and holds all day! Its gonna blow your mind! FIRST off you are going to need:

I found this at Target for $3.99 in the hair clip section. I also saw different sizes and colors at H&M in random bins by the register for about the same price!

  1. Make a high pony tail. I like to make sure I have added a bit of pouf to the front of my pony (on top of my head) and have everything smoothed into place. 
  2. You are going to split the pony tail in 1/2 and flail around your head like the picture above.
  3. Next take another hair tie and drop around the flailed hair. For Ava Faith's hair I have to twist the ponytail band around it twice to make it tight and not floppy! The arrow is pointing to wear you can still see the do dad below the hair so you will shift the hair to cover it!
  4. Next you will side swipe the hair all the way around the bun pinning around with bobby pins. The wide open skinny type work really good to start and then I use the regular kind for small hairs I want tucked under.

For Ava Faith I add a simple bow clip and spritz the hair with hairspray all around to help with fly aways! For me its wonderful on days we are on the go and I need to get moving fast! It keeps the hair in place ALL day and I have yet to readjust in the middle of the day! We have baby fine, thin hair. Most hair styles don't work that we find online! So this is our new go to hair style! Simple, easy and I feel like we are "put together"! Have a blessed day! 

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