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Tiny Tidbits: My Coke Rewards

1:21:00 PM

In the frugality of being a mama of 4 I have made use of programs out there that often people overlook. Like for instance:

Did you know in the caps of your coke products or inside the boxes that holds your soda cans there are special codes just waiting for you to enter into their system to earn FREE stuff...for FREE! Wait...did you understand what I am saying? A program set up for YOU. For FREE! Easy peasy. Something that is even more awesome is that you don't have to enter them all from your PC anymore! Now there is an app for it {smart!}. Simply download the MyCokeRewards app from any smart phone OR go directly to the website and get an account set up for yourself. 

I have a little bowl I keep on top of our microwave and my husband knows to NEVER throw the caps away or the codes on the inside of the boxes! We stick them in this bowl and periodically I will sit down and add them to my app. Takes me minutes, really.

When you sign up you will click the ENTER CODES tab at the top. Then you are going to take a label enter it in and click submit.

This is what the codes look like inside of the box and they are found under the perforated lids where they suggest you open the box! 

Playing around in the app you have different options. Be sure to enter your rewards regularly or you will be like me who life caught up with her had over 1000 points saved up and then Coke deleted them so I had to start over. Very frustrating I must add! So your wondering WHY I take the time to enter in these codes? Well...when you click the rewards tab...

You can spend your rewards points to earn free stuff. Gift cards, magazines or even online Shutterfly prints! WHO doesn't like free stuff? I have only 1 magazine subscription (out of an embarrassing amount!) that I actually pay for! All the rest I get for free! Currently you can get the Martha Stewart Living magazine for a year for only 200 points! So I urge you to save your caps and start entering them today! I see some FREE Christmas gifts in the near future! Magazine subscription anyone?! Have a blessed day!

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