Poop happens! Mommy moment #347

1:35:00 PM

OK…it’s about to get all mommy blogger up in here! But for real…let’s talk about poop. NO not YOUR poop…baby poop! Raise your hand if you have experienced a blow out? And I am NOT talking about at the hair dresser! On average my baby blows her britches about 3-4 times a day! That is insane…in a matter of 7 months that is a total of over 500 blowouts since birth. Is your mind blown yet?! I kid you not the parents that tell me the exact time of day that their child poops I want to shoot a spit ball at their head! 4 kids and thousands (yes, thousands) of diaper blow outs later you would think I have millions of tricks up my sleeves! 

I have tried the “tighten the tabs at an angle trick”. “Unfold the “cups” by the legs trick”. Buying diapers 1 size bigger trick and of course switched to almost every brand of diaper on the market! I will tell you though…I am a brand snob and prefer Huggies and Pampers over any other diaper on the market! For my babes store brand diapers DO NOT work! I am to the point I am tempted to wad up a tissue and shove it just above the crack of the babies bum so that maybe it will act as a barrier! Either that or a speed bump!
I will “attempt” the cleaning process of my baby blowouts and am astonished at the fact there is NOTHING inside the actual diaper. Instead it is all over the insides of her clothes. Out the sides of her legs or even in-between her toes. NO idea how this actually happens! 

I came up with an idea…listen up diaper distributors (and don’t forget the little person who gave you the thought in the process!) Why not specialize in diapers made specifically for “blowouts”. Have a diaper made especially for those that blow out at the thighs. A diaper made with a HIGHER back portion specifically for the back “blowers” or as a friend said even a diaper made for “captain chunky monkey”. Babies that don’t need more length but need a much wider waist and higher back portion! I am so sick of washing my 7 month olds clothes multiple times throughout the day! BUT I do have a trick for the stains…rinse in cold water. COLD. Rub fabric together using hand soap or dish soap. Rinse again then immediately spray with UN-believable spray! No joke this stuff is the bomb diggity of all stain removers! It’s supposed to be for “carpets” but I have got red wine stains out of white pillows and it has yet to ruin fabric on anything of ours!! Throw in the wash and BEFORE you place the clothing in the dryer…look it over. If stains are still present repeat the process! Once you dry the clothing the stain is set and you might as well tie dye it as its not coming out!

 {Funny story behind this picture...looks sweet and innocent enough right? We had JUST pulled up to a wedding...pull out the cutely dressed baby to find the worlds worst blowout. It was roasting hot outside and we searched high and low throughout the car only to realize every back up outfit we had was already used from other blowouts. This swimsuit was in a bag for me to return to the you can't say that you took a baby to a wedding wearing a hot pink polka dot swimsuit!}

What are your tricks, tips or funny stories?! I would love to hear! Have a blessed day!

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