Holiday Exchange with Britches n' Boots 2013 - 2nd annual

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Its the most wonderful time, of the year. Seriously! WHO is with me on that one? I LOVE the Holidays! I LOVE packaging up gifts and love shopping for others (or even this year I am making/sewing a lot of our gifts for the kids and family!) This time of year makes my hot cocoa cup BRIM...overflow...bubble over with happiness! Now if we could just get another snowmageddon here in Oregon I would be good as gravy! Don't even get me started on my unhappiness with the lack of snow we see!!

This year, I set up our exchange through Elfster! Its fast, its easy and I will be able to have ALL of your info in one secure spot! You have until the 15th of November to sign up for the exchange! Get crafty, get creative or shop to your hearts desire! Ask your partner questions within the site to get an idea of what they like. The colors they decorate their home in or even spy on them through their blog. Look them up on Instagram! Get a good feel for your partner! To make sure we are all happy with our packages use the $20 guide for your gift...could be more...but try and keep it close to the mark! I love to see how far I can stretch my dollar! I usually do not count my homemade stuff into the range! Be sure to add your mailing address onto your Elfster profile so that your partner knows where to send your package and also be sure to send it NO LATER than November 29th! Its a big fat bummer when you don't receive a package and you did send one off! But most of all HAVE FUN! Get into the spirit!! I am SO excited!!

buddy the elf photo: buddy the elf Elf.jpg

I have to share...last year the very last thing I ever expected to get out of this exchange besides an ornament etc...was a best friend! Lindsey and I are about to celebrate our 1 year friendaversary! And I would be lost without her friendship! We message daily...send each other subliminal messages through Instagram and Facebook! I adore her. Big fat BUBBLY heart love her! We are THOUSANDS of miles apart but she has been such a God send. A blessing and I just...dunno what I would do without her!! So you never know what can come from ones of these silly little exchanges! Have a blessed day!

To share in the fun on Instagram use the hashtag #bnbholidayexchange2013 

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