Fun with Picmonkey

6:38:00 PM

I get emails asking how I do different collages, graphics and pictures for my blog! Well. You see. I have a monkey in my back pocket! No for real! Meet my friend, Picmonkey! I can edit to my hearts content and really everything I need is at my fingertips! You can search the internet for FREE printables or clip art which you can save to your PC and then upload into Picmonkey to create all kinds of fun stuff!

{So, I just found out I'm awesome. You might wanna get yourself checked.}

Each season they roll out something new! AND they are always rolling out different fun features! Halloween you can get spooky with it...Fall you can throw some leaves on pictures or even CHRISTMAS! You can make/create your cards easily and either print them yourselves or send them off to be printed for you! There is a FREE option on there and then a premium (which I use). I love it. Just wanted to share! Have a blessed day!

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