Creamy Potato Soup

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Lately I have been playing around with recipes. I had been wanting to attempt a creamy potato soup for a long time and am in a "food buying" club locally. Where we buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms. I had a TON of butter potatoes. Which are my absolute favorite as they are smooth and...buttery! No I am not related to Paula Deen but she would love these too! Since Emily Grace is lactose intolerant you will see at the end I have the lactose free version and the regular version!

  • 6-7 LARGE butter potatoes (washed, peeled and cut into bite size pieces)
  • 2- 32 oz containers of chicken broth
  • 6 cloves of garlic (4 if they are LARGE!) minced in a press
  • 1 medium sized onion, chopped (a tip...I buy a bag of boiler onions. The larger sized ones for like $3 at the store. This way I always have onions on hand!)
  • 9 oz of cream cheese (for regular version)
  • handful of flour (for lactose free version)
Combine the potatoes, chicken broth, garlic and onion in a crock pot (WITH OUT the crock pot liners!!) and cook on high 6 hours. Your house is going to smell delish!

Once fully cooked you will add in the cream cheese and using a hand blender, blend into your soup making sure you are blending most of the potatoes as well! This will make it extra creamy. I like having a few bites of potato left in the crock pot. Top with bacon bits, green onion and shredded cheddar cheese then devour to your hearts content!

Now for the lactose free version. You are going to make the soup the exact same way BUT instead of adding in cream cheese add in a few palm fulls of flour. Use your hand blender and do the exact same thing as with the cream cheese in the other version! The color will not be as bright white. If you wanted a creamier look you could mix the flour with lactose free milk, shake in a dressing mixer and pour into your soup.

Have a blessed day!

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