Hallmark Movie review

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One thing most of friends know about me is am a giant, huge, big ol' sap! I LOVE the Hallmark Channel and especially during the holidays it is on non-stop! There is nothing better than lounging on the couch with a glass of sweet tea and usually a stash of fruit snacks I snuck out of the snack drawer! When I got asked to do a review I was so excited! I ripped open the package so quickly my husbands head was spinning!

The first movie I watched was: The Meddling Mom starring Sonia Braga and Tony Plana

I loved the plot line of the movie and I chuckled a few times, but in the end I found myself completely bored. For a Hallmark film this was not being added to my favorites list. The actors were gorgeous and the premise was there but not one I could sit and watch over and over like most Hallmark films! I rate this movie a C-

The second movie I reviewed was: The Sweeter Side of Life starring Desiree Harper

This hit the spot for my chick flick loving heart! I loved it! First off a movie I can watch even when my children walk into the room and NOT be ashamed secondly a flick full of humor and charisma! Her antics were silly, her dad is adorable...and parts of this movie I could totally relate to!  This was an A+ in my opinion!

Interested in knowing what other Hallmark movies will be appearing? Check out the Hallmark Channel HERE for upcoming shows, movies and info!

{ I received these Hallmark movies free for review purposes courtesy of Gaiam Vivendi Network and Entertainment New Media Network. All opinions are solely my own! }

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