Bekah Mouse

Welcomed addition

12:00:00 AM

NO! Not her! Yes...she is definitely a welcomed addition! BUT...we got one of the furry kind! Born on Mother's Day, my friend asked me if I was interested in having a kitten. Well you see, we already have Bear Bear...the one eyed pirate kitty. Yes. He sincerely has only 1 eye! And he was such a "male" cat that he is outdoor only now. I am only allergic if they go in and out from the dander. Frankly, we just had Livy Joy and I said I really was not sure if now is the right time for us! But curiosity killed the cat and I asked what he/she looked like. You see, I had a cat for many years. Her name was Kyaira. She was my love. She was my child before I was blessed with children. She completed me. I had her for 10 years before we found out she had renal kidney failure. Which for cats can basically be a death sentence. I was devastated. She was solid white, with one blue eye and one green. She was an odd eyed turkish angora. And she was purr-fect! I found out she was sick when I was 20 weeks along with Emily Grace. We had to hand her over to the Lord when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Noah.

When I received the message back saying the kitten was solid white...with one blue eye and one green eye...I almost passed out! I said yes without talking to my husband! I then proceeded to beg my husband not knowing if the kitten was a boy or a girl (as we decided after Bear...only female cats IF we ever got another!). I felt like it was meant to be! (Kyaira is above and Bekah Mouse is below!)

Bekah Mouse has been such a fun addition to our home! My kids are over the moon and they were so excited and SHOCKED when we surprised them with HER!

Bekah Mouse looks identical to Kyaira as a kitten...but opposite odd colored eyes!

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  1. Ooo... She is so cute! Congratulations!!! :-)

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