Son of a Honey Bee - A tale of 2 stings

6:34:00 PM

Well. The time of year has come where the bees are very much out! Although we had the major bee massacre happen 1 town over (read about it HERE) {wish I could find the one article that came out in anticipation of the "Bee memorial"...all the more reason we supposedly "Keep Portland Weird"...I HATE that slogan!} we here in our little town have mass amounts of bees! Now I am fine with them buzzing around my lavender (like you see above) but accidentally finding them beneath your foot as you walk across the fresh grass in your back lawn...down right stings!

First I was brutally attacked on the bottom of my foot on Friday (the first day of a very loooong weekend without my husband!) and then this poor sweet love above was attacked just today. So sad!

But you know what the anecdote is?! Lavender oil! NO joke. Lavender oil is the healer of all wounds! The defender of all aches and pains (and also if you rub it on the bottoms of you or your children's feet it helps with sleep!). I was hesitant and didn't believe that it would work. BUT I am allergic to certain types of bee's (not all and thankfully not honey bees!) my foot instantly had swelled up all across and was in major pain. I put lavender oil all over the bottom and in NO time the pain was gone, the swelling was down and you couldn't see where I had been stung! Almost a week later still no pain and no annoying itching that usually happens after a sting starts to heal! Lavender is an antiseptic, a detoxifier and a natural antibiotic. It has strong sedative properties and is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia. It is quickly absorbed through the skin and can be traced in the blood after as little as 5 minutes. The essential oil is taken from the flower of the plant and both the aroma and the application of the oil on the skin have a healing effect on the nervous system, inducing a sense of relaxation and calm.

As for me and my house hold...we shall never be without! Have a blessed day! 

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  1. What a great tip! I'm going to go get me some lavender oil!!! :-)