30 day shred

30 day kick my buns - day 1

12:00:00 AM

OK let me start out by saying. I hate to work out. Hate maybe a harsh word so let me paraphrase it this way...I can't stand to work out. Any which way I say it, I think you get my point! But. I have a whole lotta inches and pounds I want to lose so I am taking on the challenge with a friend. Another blogger like myself (except she is way cooler than me!). I will not "out" her just in case she doesn't wanna share! BUT, I decided what better way to hold myself accountable than with you! Have I mentioned I hate to work out yet? I scribbled my measurements down on a piece of paper. And yes, I know I have had 4 children and that I need to give myself a break because my youngest is only 3 months old. But I kid you not the moment I have a baby the belly slides down my navel across my butt and continues to spread around my thighs. I have never had small legs. BUT, I know they need to tone, tighten and firm up! I did take before pics (some of which I will share on day 7) and I will be taking them daily! For now I leave you with a video...bear with me. I got a wee bit camera shy and feel like a total nerd for using the Flip to talk to you! (Dear Lord I pray by the end I am not making a fool of myself)

I do not have lofty goals of wanting to look like a supermodel. I never will. I just want to feel good in my own skin! I am currently up 4 pant sizes from what I was pre-Livy Joy. I want to be healthy and would love to fit into some of my old clothes again. Currently I feel gawky, awkward and completely not myself. I am vulnerable and even feel like a total gomer around my friends (not their faults...just uncomfortable in my own skin!). I am your average everyday mama wanting to feel good about herself again. BUT this mama is taking control and doing something about it! I am also not drinking soda for the next 30 days of this challenge! Paul asked me if I was gonna add coffee to that. I looked at him and laughed as it was the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. Then I said firmly in my best mean mama voice..."No." If you too take on the challenge use the hash tag on Instagram #leishandbrittgetfit. You can also follow me on Instagram under @britchesnboots. Have a blessed day!

This video was AFTER I worked out. So yes. I looked like a hot mess. A hot never-sweated-so-much-in-my-entire-life mess. Feel the burn in 3-2-1, oh and to top it off I couldn't stop shaking so it made me look even worse! For a 20 minute work out that Jillian sure packs a punch!

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