bedroom redo

Bedroom redo - BEFORE

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I have to admit now...this is rather embarrassing to show my room before! We seriously work SO hard on the rest of our house and neglect ourselves! Our bedroom has been on my mind for the last 7 years we have lived her! It was a modge podge of just randomness we had when we got married! But with Olivia Joy's impending arrival we knew that it was time to do something. I had wood moulding (which isn't always a bad thing...but its completely NOT my style!). The walls were painted "Seattle". Which if you have ever been to Seattle, then you can imagine how grayish/brownish they were! I HATED our furniture! But. We made due with what we had! That was when the idea for my Get er' Gone group came to! (see the post HERE) I wanted to redo my bedroom. But. Like most families these days we are not made of money nor have we found the darn money tree to plant out back! So we budgeted $600 from our taxes for furniture and paint. Anything extra was going to be on me! I honestly think my husband was thrilled about this because it started me going through and selling items that have been sitting collecting dust in our home! I think its a guy thing! you ready for the embarrassing part?! UGH! Here we go!

This here is where you walked into my room. Yes...we have a t.v. from the stone ages! BUT it works and no we did not budget a flat screen in although that would have been awesome! here...I HATE the dresser! The folding chair, the moulding, the paint...well almost everything ABOUT this picture! HA!

Continuing down the wall...there is my desk from college. Messy of course cause everything is OUT in the open! You can see our laundry bins and a modge podge of mess on the walls! Ugh! Yes...that is my Silhouette Machine on top of the printer! Poor Daisy! { the kids and I named her when I got her last year! }

I love my one wall art (by the bathroom) and my lamps and night stand. The picture above my bed just doesn't match my vision and neither does our maroon bedding I bought in college! I plan on spray painting the frame of the picture and then you will see what else later on!!

One thing that needs to be fixed is we need a headboard. BUT on a tap water budget! I have a few tricks up my sleeve! OH and you see that teeny walkway? That is how my dear husband climbs into his side of the bed! Yep. That is a plant stand as a night stand and the floor is COVERED with books! He is a bookaholic! I wanted a shelf thing for him but couldn't find one in the dimensions I needed so I have a friend who is a contractor. He is building a custom one for me with scraps left over from his own home remodel! It will not be ready in time for the reveal...but it will be done hopefully in the next few months! I AM SO EXCITED!!

This area just shouts BRIGHTEN ME UP! I love my black out curtains though! They were a Costco find!!

Yes...that is wrapping paper! Its finally put away! Pile of taxes on the floor. Random out grown maternity clothes! Ugh!

Yes...this is a mess! HA! No better way to describe it!

So my big thing is this. Our house is 1230 sq foot. We have 3 bedrooms and I am not wanting to combine Olivia with the other hooligans yet! SO...she will live in our room for a while. We have a co-sleeper that attaches to our bed. I need inches. I need more storage for her stuff and ours as well! I can't wait to show you what we have been working on! As of right now we are currently LIVING in the mess! Olivia Joy is due in 6 weeks! So we are on the fast track to get it all done! If you are on instagram I post a few pics here and there! { britchesnboots } That's it for now! Now don't make too much fun of me OK! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Girl we re-did our bedroom two summers ago and sadly my desk is an eye-sore again. Just too easy to pile up the papers! I can't wait to see your reveal! (here's my reveal! makes me want to clean my room! lol)

    1. LOL! Ugh...don't tell me that! I am still in LA LA land! HA! I will go check it out!

  2. Love your baby's name! Cant' wait to see the reveal

  3. I am just dying to paint but we rent an apartment so we have a long while before i can do that.

  4. That looks like my closet! Can't wait to see the AFTER pictures!

  5. I really don't mind the wall's light and neutral...maybe if you painted the moulding white you would like it better? :) We moved a few months back and I swore that this time our master bedroom would be the first thing that got painted/, I just unpacked the last box in there today and finally hung some pictures up on the wall, ha! Looking forward to seeing your reveal!

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