I must confess...

12:00:00 AM

I have an addiction. There I said it! Phew...does it EVER feel good to get that off of my chest! wanna know what my addiction is?!! Well, us Oregonians that grew up in my era (feeling awfully aged these days!) where we had these things we called "floppy discs". These "floppy discs" were literally the size of a sandwich and were...well...floppy! For school when we learned to play on the computers (I swear the computers were called something else. But cannot remember exactly. After all it was eons ago!) we had this awesome game called "Oregon Trail". You had to hunt, forge, save your family from polio etc. If you actually ever made it to the end of the game it was a BIG DEAL! I cannot say that I actually did, but have played witness to others! Well...I have this friend named Aimee. I blame my addiction on her. SHE came across the app for our phones, our ipods. YOU NAME IT! If you have something with app capabilities...oh my friend. YOU are in luck!

The greatest part of this app (besides that it brings a smile to this home grown Oregon girl!) is that you can make your village, build things, save people, collect $ to buy things. OH...the possibilities are endless. Have I said yet that its addicting?! HA! There have been times where I decide to take a "break" from working to get my trail on! I have it on my itouch and my phone! My husband makes fun of me. BUT I think he is just envious. You know what he grew up in Washington and there is no such thing as the "Washington Trail". Jealousy at its best! So if you are like me and want a mindless, fun, addicting game to play YOU too can download it! HA!

You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be bringing this bad boy with me to the hospital! Have a blessed day!

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  1. oh how funny! I totally remember playing that at school on those beloved floppy discs. Thanks for the flashback!

    1. LOL! YAY! I am not alone!! You are most welcome!!