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Hey Good Lookin' Watcha Got Cookin' - Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

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These I kid you not will MELT in your mouth! I have seen MANY different variations of this recipe go across Pinterest but here is mine! Now for this recipe you can either use chicken or pork (shoulder, name it! I just prefer boneless skinless!!)

First you are going to put a crock pot bag in your crock pot (I know I have told y'all about them...its a must for easy cleanup!!) Then you are going to dump in 2 cups of root beer! (I have fudged and just bought a refrigerated root know the grab and go kind and dumped the entire thing in!) for Chicken I throw in about 2 breasts (depending on size if they are smaller do 3...if you use thighs do a pound!) You will then cook on high 6 hours or low 8 hours. When the time is done you will dump out the root beer that it has marinated and slow cooked in all day (will make it so tender and sweet!). Keeping the chicken in the crock pot.

You are going to take 2 forks and shred your chicken (or pork!) and mix in an entire bottle of your fave BBQ sauce! I love Baby Rays personally! You can then let it sit on low as you prepare your coleslaw.

When it comes to coleslaw I am SUPER picky! I actually prefer the Fresh Express coleslaw kit over homemade coleslaw any day! It doesn't have a tangy vinegary taste that some have! Its perfect! When I mix the kit together I don't use all of the sauce. I pour some in...mix it and then do a bit more! Do it to your own preference! You will then layer your meat on a bun and then add some coleslaw to the top (Paul eats his coleslaw on the side!) and enjoy! Have a blessed day!

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  1. I am freakin droooooling!!!! CanNot wait to make this! Thanks for sharing!!! Now to just find those bags!

    1. HA! I was gonna make this for dinner tonight and forgot rootbeer AND coleslaw at the store! lol! I buy the bags at Target. They are made by Reynolds wrap....crock pot bags! They are under $2 for like 5 of em' WELL worth it for me to not have to SCRUB the crock pot! lol! I hope you love em'!!