Bubble Gum Pink & Rainbows - Birthday Party

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For Emily Grace's 5th birthday she had but 2 be bubble gum pink and rainbow themed! I had to stop and think about this one a bit! Then the ideas started to flood in and I let her get involved with the process!

First thing we did was make the birthday candle!

Then because my girl loves sparkles she picked out a bag of sequins and we decided to decorate a medium sized wooden #5 that we bought at Joanne's Fabrics. We used the same glitter glue and coated the wood in sections. With each section we dumped on sequins until it was finished!

I used the number to set up against a picture I made. I typed out the meaning of Emily and then all of the versus from the bible that contained "grace". I put it on a bubble gum pink background and it now hangs on her wall in her bedroom!

For the cake table I bought bubble gum pink fabric to use as a table cloth (and then use for sewing later!). I then took different colors of streamers and cut them out to create a rainbow in each entry way. Emily Grace had fun drawing out "clouds" on white card stock that I then cut out and strung amongst the "rainbow"!

The cake is probably my favorite part of the party to design! I know I only have so many years where they will let me take charge so I take advantage! I have an amazing cake designer I work with. I come up with the design and he makes it come to life! I have yet to be disappointed!

I made the cupcakes myself. I will not lie the rainbows seemed much easier than they actually were! I had to drive to different candy stores before I actually found the sour leather for the rainbows! And each time I formed the rainbow they tried to bow in the center! But in the end I figured out the shorter...the better!

For each party I kinda go crazy with food! Emily Grace picked out 2 different types of jello that I made in little paper cups. We had skittles, my famous meatballs (Costco meatballs, grape jelly and BBQ sauce...cook in crock pot and they are delish!) I also made "rice krispy treats" with fruity pebbles! OH MY WORD! They are the best! If you haven't...make them! We cut celery and carrots and put ranch in the bottoms of little plastic cups where we then put the veggies inside. So each person could just easily take a cup and dip! We always have a meat/cheese platter and fruit as well. I borrowed a large glass jug that we made a punch in (use Hawaiian punch and 7 up...add ice!)

It was simple yet colorful! She said after wards it was exactly what she wanted!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love it!!! I totally love the rainbow ideas! I need to do something special for celeste's bday and she loves rainbows, horses, and business bubbles!!! Maybe I will do unicorns and rainbows and balloons as colored bubbles! She doesn't have many friends though so it would mostly be family. Thanks for the ideas! You are the hostess with the mostest!!

  2. Love it! Never thought to decorate the candle. I'll need to remember that one!