Lets get crafty - Straw bracelets

12:58:00 PM

Do you ever have one of those days where you are seriously trying to find something for your child to do? You go out to your craft shelf look around and you have a million and one pipe cleaners...and then it also have way too many straws to count! Hence where this project came from! It was super easy and the kids were able to do the entire thing themselves! You will need a large bowl (I used a pencil box!), safety scissors (Unless you prep this craft yourself!), straws in various colors and pipe cleaners (or you can use yarn...which then you would need tape for the ends!).

You will next clip your straws so they are about 1" or so.

Next the kids get to go to work and string them!
They can mix and match and create to their hearts content! Then you just close up the box and save the rest of the straw beads for later! Enjoy!

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  1. so need to try this - adilyn would LOVE it! & i also have way too many pipe cleaners & straws ha!

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