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Infinity Scarf

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Who out there just ADORES the infinity scarf craze?! As y'all know I live in Oregon. Oregon winter starts in December and goes well...through February. BUT our warm weather wear comes out in August. JUST when our Summer really hits. I am NOT thinking about what I may or may not want to wear in January as I lather the kids in sunscreen and enjoy the rays outside! Currently our stores are already stocked can guess it...Summer stuff! AACK! I just want a scarf darn it! I ransacked the Internet (OK and Pinterest!) searching for a tutorial for an infinity scarf. Thinking for sure I would find one. But...I did not! SO I figured I should make one! This took some trial and error so you will have to just "go with it"! I am now so addicted and happy with how it turned out I am also going to make one for my daughters! In mini-size!! First thing...go to your local fabric store and find something that "moves", "stretches" and you will love rockin' with your outfits! I fell in love with some good ol' tee-shirt style cotton fabric! It stretches making it easier to wrap, will wash easily and had plenty of color choices! I came home with off white, maroon and the one you see above! I bought a yard and a 1/2 Which I should get about 3 scarves from (think etc!) If you don't want that many you can go from this method you see below:

Measure for whom you are making the scarf for. For me I cut my fabric 59x9". As you can see with Mushy I wrap around twice (how I would wear it!) and set the measuring tape where I would want the scarf to fall...with this sweet pea you can see she is holding it at the 42" mark. I will then add an inch to give myself room for the inseams! SO would be 43" and the width I will do the same as mine so 43x9".

I first took my fabric and matched up the ends so it was folded in 1/2 this way I was saving myself  inches to cut (doubled up basically). I cut the ends off to make sure I have a nice clean straight surface...cause I am type A like that!

This is where you will measure...and cut your fabric. Remember I have my fabric folded in 1/2 (doubled up) so that I save on cutting! I also decided I wanted to cut mine to sew each end. The reason I decided this is I wanted it to not twist when you wear it so I could easily pouffe it!

1. You will take your fabric that was correct side out and turn it INSIDE out! 2. you are now going to pink it so you are sewing the seams inside of your scarf. 3. Sew a straight line down each side (don't forget to reverse stitch at beginning and end so that your stitch doesn't come unraveled!

OK this is where I need you to pay CLOSE attention as I am having a hard time "wording" it! 1. you are going to now turn your inside out seams sewn scarf right side out. Easy right! Shake it...make sure you get it nice and neat! 2. OK here is the are NOW going to turn inside out ONLY 1/2 way. So that the ends meet at the end...get it? SHAKE it out again to make sure its a perfect flat area or your scarf will have a twist in it! 4. Pin all the way around...making sure your ends are together. Leave a hands width space. This will be where you will need to stick your hand back inside in the next steps!

Here we go! Your ALMOST done!! 1. Make sure you flatten your seams down words (Had one side go one direction and the other the opposite so it was evenly distributed! You are going to sew a straight stitch all the way around (don't forget to reverse stitch at beginning and end so not to lose your stitch later on!) 2. you can see where I left a hands width space so I can... 3. Stick your hand inside and shake out your scarf! You are ALMOST done! 4. This is where you will do an invisible stitch to close up your "hand hole"! I have a tutorial HERE on how to do the invisible stitch! They are easy peasy!

Now where your rockin' new scarf with pride! YOU DID IT!! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Wow! What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Replies
    1. I LOVE mine! Even if I am a COMPLETE novice!! My MIL got them for us girls for our birthdays! I think I am the only one of the 3 that uses it!!

  3. Here are some of my favorite infinity scarf tutorials that I found on Pinterest:

    They were really helpful when I decided to make mine. I took little elements of each and made it my own! Im surprised you couldnt find any!

    Love the color of yours and what a cute little measurement model.

    1. Thank you so much!! YES! I was shocked! I searched: circle scarf and infinity scarf! So I figured well...might as well wing it and see if it works! Was so happy it did! Have you ever noticed though sometimes its hit and miss with Pinterest!!