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I would love to say my days are always sunshine and rainbows with hints of cotton candy, creamy hot fudge, sprinkles and add a cherry on top...but reality is this...I'm a mom. If any mom tries to tell you that they have the PERFECT life and that they never have a bad day and their children are the most well behaved little people on the planet then they are A) either flat out lying B) on Prozac C) slightly delusional or D) all of the above! I know some pretty fantastic moms that are always dressed at their best, homes are spotless and you never hear or see them stress about anything. But I do know they have days too and that my reality is happens. Children happen. Today has been a prime example of know my son had surgery last week. Well the same day he had surgery our mortgage was taken from our bank account a 2nd time. Yes. You read that correct. And as an average everyday family we just don't keep that kind of cash flow around as much as we would LOVE to! So it over drew our bank account. It is the banks wrong and they are in the process of fixing it BUT as we speak it has been 8 days. With NO access to our account at all. No cash. We haven't Christmas shopped at all (let alone birthday husband and step dad are BOTH ON Christmas day! Lucky us right? OH and Emily Grace...her birthday is a week after! Oh...the holidays!) and we were completely out of milk, eggs, etc (a sweet friend surprised me with a bag of groceries today! Talk about Be CHRISTmas right there!)

So as I deal with children have been actually pretty good! Night was going smoothly until...DUM DUM DUM...they wanted our cat to come in. Yes. This set it off! Our cat, you remember Bear Bear right? The one eyed pirate cat?! Well, he is not allowed outside and escaped while we were bringing in the tree on Saturday. Because of this and us trying to get him BACK inside we have not been feeding him (that sounds horrible...but we are trying to entice him WITH his food to come back in!). He is the most stubborn animal you will ever meet and is refusing. But...wants his food! Emily Grace was in hysterics that we decided to give up for the night. My thought on it, the cat will get hungry and eventually decide that a nice warm house with soft comfy blankets and furniture is much better than a hard damp deck while its raining and only 40 degrees outside. I brainer! We let her know that we will just try again tomorrow that it is now time to clean up so we can get ready for bed and we also needed to do homework. OH LORDY, watch out. Sista was not happy. Through a ginormous tantrum { enter screaming, crying, red in the face child } so we sent her to time out to calm down. This went on for over an hour. I kid you not. I actually told her that tomorrow she will be grounded (OK for real... I don't do the whole "grounding" thing...yet I was stumped!) if she doesn't turn it around. We FINALLY get the situation under control and when it was time for her to go off to bed I say "sweetie, lets get some chap stick on your lips before bed." Girlfriends lips are SO chapped that they have cracked in the corners like 2 months ago and we are still combating them (so if you have any tips on chapped lips HELP please! We use Burt's Bee's) she had to be held down to get some on her lips! I kid you not my almost 6 year old was throwing a better tantrum than my 2 year old could throw. That leads to now...I am wiped out.

As a you ever experience these moments? Cause I really start to question myself and my ability to parent. Yet I do everything in my power to make sure my children are brought up as kind, gently, God loving, well behaved individuals. 85% of the time it works and the other 15% seems to out way the positive side and I do the "deer in the headlight" what am I doing look. What have I gotten myself into! AACK! I love my children more than anything in this world but moments like these I question my judgement. I am praying tomorrow is a better day. I am praying for God's strength, guidance, understanding and peace. If He brings you to it...He can get you through it right? I need wisdom to persevere. We are a Love and Logic parenting style household. For those that may wonder...parenting tips? I know some of you have been here before! What did you did you get through it? What are the right steps to take?! As for now...I am gonna go heat up a flax seed pack. Lay my buns on the couch and drink a large cup of tea! Hopefully there is a great sappy Hallmark movie on!

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  1. I've been feeling this way and I only have a 14 week old!