Cinnamon Roll Waffles

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Saturday was our first day we had NO plans in like ages! As we are about to start a crazy schedule of basketball with 2 kiddos in different games! Very excited but indulging in this moment while it lasts! Might I dear sweet hubby decided to skip out on our morning and helped a friend move. Bummer for him...more for us! I woke up surprised that it was 8:15 and I had no little saying "mommy, I'm hungry" or "Mommy, I need to go potty." one of those moments where you are know where the bathroom is! I got out of bed, put a hat over my bed head and went up to the store where I got a red box movie (the Gruffolo's was adorable!), a thing of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and of course...a lovely red cup!

(Have a grande! Thanks a latte! We'll tea you later!)
I came home just as sleepy heads were rolling out of bed! Now I am not going to tell you a lie and say I made this recipe up! Cause that would be downright rude and dis-honest and that is NOT how this girl rolls! BUT I did in fact see it from my Instagram feed a few weeks ago and drooled with envy! If you were the one I saw it from thank you...but for the life of me preggo can not remember who it was!

Items you will need...ready for this? Its a doozy! A package of cinnamon rolls. A waffle iron, Pam spray (you know the stuff to make things not stick!) and a couple of kids up to no good...wait I mean!
First spray your waffle iron on top and bottom...just as you normally would! Place 1 cinnamon roll in the center of the waffle iron and close.
This was a great teaching moment of...the waffle iron gets hot so we must be very careful! Other than using a fork and removing the was all them! I stood back and nursed my coffee...very very carefully. Its a tough job...but I was up for the task!
When finished you have perfect sized waffles that are delish! We put the frosting on most of them...Emily Grace had hers with syrup (she is lactose intolerant and we were unsure if it contained milk!)
Miss Mushy woke up just in time to be served breakfast! Let me tell you...she ate every last bite! Have a blessed day!

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