My baby turns 2

12:00:00 AM

Now if you ask Mushy (yes...I know she will hate me one day for her nickname! But she is just mushy and sweet! What can I say) or AKA Ava Faith she says she is "Free" as in three today! My little goose is a crack up! Honestly I rarely have moments of insanity with this child! Even at her worst she has me rolling on the ground clenching my stomach with gut wrenching laughter as tears are streaming down my face! She is a comedian! She is sassy...

She is loud (no idea where she gets THAT from!). She is loyal, precious, amazing and all around the sweetest 2 year old like in the history of time (shhhhh...don't tell the others!). There are moments when she tries to make you think she is shy...
She will run as fast as her little legs can carry her (which when she runs she swings both arms in front and in back of her! Its hilarious!) till she gets to me and hides in my legs! But don't be fooled...look at her say "don't smile...whatever you do" and she will look at you and try to hide that she is smiling! She is my mini-me. A blond haired blue eyed version of me as a child! My mom loves this and talks about it often! She is me in looks and me in personality! The only one of my children (so far!) to get the signature "Mangrum" chin! Which personally I adore!! My baby got my chin! I cannot believe she is 2!
She was tiny..weighing in just at 7 lbs 1 oz
She was soft, delicate and I couldn't keep my eyes or lips off of her! (still that way!)
When she turned 1 I cried like a baby! Be still my beating heart...I love her from the bottom of the ocean...to the moon and back! I am so blessed and honored to be her mommy! Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love you!
To read more about our amazing journey regarding Ava Faith please click HERE

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  1. she's adorable. my little guy weighed the same when he was born :)