Devilled Egg costume

Halloween wrap up

10:54:00 AM

Oh where or where has Aleisha been...oh where oh where could she be?! Hello friends! I'm here! I know...I have been a major slacker this week! Honestly as a blogger, a mama and a business owner sometimes I just have to take a break from reality and relax! My house has been minorly neglected as has grocery shopping (which being that my appetite has finally come back this pregnancy is extremely irritating...yet I can only blame myself!). Halloween was fun! I made myself a devilled egg costume (you can see photos on Instagram! I am britchesnboots). I wore all white and used felt that I took flossing thread (green) and made "dill" all over. I then attached with fabric glue to a white shirt I had put in my get rid of pile! I wore it to work with my kiddos at Gymboree! I also put in my maternity leave notice! My last day is December 18th and as sad as I am and as much as I adore my kiddos there I am looking forward to relaxing in the near future!

Noah decided he wanted to be a super hero for Halloween! I was thrilled that he actually for once liked/kept a costume on out in public! I will admit I didn't really think it was going to happen especially when I couldn't get him to wear it until...we were about to leave for our annual Halloween party we attend!

Emily Grace decided she wanted to be a witch. I looked high and low for a solid black dress. Only to never find one! So I bought a 2 pack of shirts at H&M (came with black and white) figuring we can re-use all year! The skirt was a clearance find after Halloween last year at Target (I looked this year and did not find 1!) The hat I bought at the $1 store and although you can't tell here it is ADORABLE and cobweb looking! The tights are actually adult knee high socks! She wore black leggings underneath and we pulled the socks up as high as we could get them! She wore her black boots and the broom was a $4 find at Target! She was thrilled. She was warm. And better yet, she was comfy!

Mushy went as Pebbles this year! She has a big stuffed dog that came with all kinds of accessories...1 of which was a bone! She has crazy hair anyhow so I did a top knot and added the bone! Found fleece fabric at Joanne's and sewed her dress literally about 2 hours before we needed to leave! She wore black fleece pants and a long sleeved shirt and she was warm as can be! She was very adamant about carrying her pumpkin bucket the entire night! Which meant we were sloooooooow going!

I forgot my camera and so I only had my phone with me! I was kicking myself for being lazy and not wanting to take my purse with me! The kids collected way too much candy and we came home to the bowl of candy we put out still over flowing! So we went through and pulled out the candies we can cook with for the holidays (m&m's etc) the rest is being donated on Monday to a local dental office that pays $1 per pound and then ships the candy out to soldiers! Its a win win!

Besides the Halloween hoopla (which I have already taken all my decorations down and we pulled out some holiday movies...insane? I think so!) I have been preparing for Holiday bazaars with Bliss Baby Designs! I will be in one that starts Monday the 5th and goes through Christmas Eve! I do it every year and its always a great success! I am also attending 2 others that are day bazaars! Hoping to do really well this year as I have a ton of NEW products. Some of which have yet to make it online!

We signed the big kids up! We have yet to enter the sports world! Emily Grace did dance for a few years and it was wonderful but we decided to take a break. Well...a few friends signed their kids up and then both of my kids wanted too so we will now be saving our Saturdays for 2 basketball games and 2 practices a week. Lets just say that mama has no game...I am definitely not a I am hoping they got some sort of daddy skills! Or we may be watching a whole lotta jazz hands and spins on the court!

And finally I have entered by 16th week of pregnancy! I am extremely excited as last night I felt the baby moving around like crazy! The fun part of pregnancy begins and I am over the moon! Have a blessed and hopefully dry weekend! To our friends and family on the East coast our prayers are with you.

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