Happy words

Little Ray's of Sunshine

8:40:00 AM

Aesop said "No act of kindness, however small is wasted" I love this quote! Its so true! Doesn't it bring a smile to your face when you are driving along and its NOT your turn at the stop sign but they let you go anyways? Or you are at a store and someone holds the door open for you and smiles nicely at you? The little things can mean the most to people! It doesn't take money or possessions to make the world a happy place...it could be as simple as your words!

I challenge you to take a pad of post it notes and write a few messages on them. It could be as simple as "Hi" or "Have a blessed day" or you can write something truly from the heart! I then challenge you to take the post it notes with you when you go to a store (I am ALWAYS at Target...!) and leave a post it note on random items!  A toy in a kid isle, a box of cereal or even a carton of milk! I guarantee you will be spreading Little Ray's of Sunshine with your small act of kindness! Can you imagine what how the person will feel who finds it?! Have a blessed day friends!

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  1. Did you create that Little Rays of Sunshine picture? If so, can I use it on my website that I am making. I'm a new Youtuber and since my last name is Wray, I started calling my "fans" my little rays of sunshine! & That little image is PERFECT for my website and channel decor. I will credit it to you and put your name somewhere on it :3 Thanks:3

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