It's that time of year again!

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Welp...its October! Which means I have 2 birthdays to plan out! But this year since I am sick...tired...and just plain preggo I decided to get clever and combine the two munchkins while I get the chance! Noah will be 4 THIS Saturday (he requested a day of the zoo BUT we MUST go on the train and then he would like to go bowling afterwards! When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he simply replied...candles. So he can blow them out! Done deal dude!) and sweet little Mushy will be 2 on October 25th! I figured it would be one of the few times I can get away with a double party with little to no griping! SO...mama bear sprung into action and the theme is....drum roll please....

Little Mister and Little Miss
Let's just say I am a wee bit excited! BUT unlike me...I am not prepared. Like at all! I haven't really done anything in preparation for the party BUT ordered these adorable invites from the amazing and crafty (I just love this girl seriously I cannot wait till you see all that she has done for my party!) Candace of Hank & Petunia

I messaged her one day after I searched and searched and searched (do you get the idea that I searched?!) Etsy and could not find what I was looking for! I love her style. She is very vintage with a flair of modern and she was just plain awesome! I really had NO to combine the themes for the invites! I knew I wanted the cheesiness of the "Comb on over" but I wanted bows for the girls and mustaches for the boys...a lot to work with right?! HA! She is a rock star and did an amazing job! You will get to see more of her creations and personal touches in the party pictures to come! I have to say I have NEVER hired someone other than a close friend once to make invites for me! So I was a bit nervous as I am kinda a perfectionist and really picky! I HIGHLY recommend her!

I also knew what I wanted for the "take homes" and found these kraft boxes that were PERFECT on Somerset Market's Etsy site! I messaged Tamara and she was nice enough to set up a special order of a larger quantity! I found some awesome straw ribbon at World Market that I plan on wrapping around and then Candace made me a favor card I will stick down on the front! Aren't the perfect?? She has some super cute stuff in her shop and the integrity of this women is heart warming! She over charged me by $1 on shipping and refunded it to me immediately! As a shop owner I seriously didn't care about the $1...put it towards your "handling"! But she really impressed me!

This is all I have for you right now! BUT...I will have lots more to come soon! I am hoping to get a ton of stuff done and GASP...plan on pulling out Daisy (my Silhouette I got as a birthday gift last year) for the first time! Yep...almost been a year! Go me, go me...its my birthday (OK...not really!) Come on now...doesn't everyone sing songs to themselves in their minds?! Have a blessed day!

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  1. That is adorable! Looks like it will be a fun party!

  2. Love the invitation. Can't wait to see all that you do. Remember to take it easy though. :)

  3. I love that idea and invite!!!! Super super cute!