Halloween Decorations

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Well...I haven't shown much in the way of Halloween because I have been completely focused on birthday party plans! But now that it is behind me I can show you what I have up! My decorations are very low key...and after I looked at the pictures I realized I didn't even photograph everything (my dining room table, coffee table etc!) so just know that I decorated every nook and cranny I could find!

I made signs last year and loved how they turned out! I found cute scrap booking paper in a modern yet Halloween-ish style and cuts squares and then then tore the edges to make it look all distressed. I then used modge-podge and coated my wood board (found on clearance at Craft Warehouse!) with a nice amount stuck my papers in place and then modgepodged over the top again! Once it was dry I then took stickers I found in the Halloween scrap booking section at Michael's and spelled out Halloween. There are also a few jewels placed and a couple bats! I went over the top of the stickers with a thick coat of modge-podge. Let it dry and voila!

My fireplace mantle has a mixture of Target $1 section (candy corn plate, ghost lanterns) and a few favorites I have found at various stores. I bought the pumpkins (metal) at Pier One...they are meant to hold pictures but I just love the wire feel! I had the kids make picture frames. We bought the cheap $1 frames from Michael's and I painted them black. Once dry the kids took googly eyes and sparkly glue and glued eyeballs in various ways all over their frames! They love it when we pull them out!

Don't laugh at our "sweet" audio system! Yes...those are speakers on top of my entertainment center I bought in of those things you NEVER in a million years thought you would still own...but kids and staying home you prioritize in other ways! The speakers...don't even get me started! 1970 giants let me tell you! And I am probably the only one with a "regular" t.v. you know NOT a flat screen! One day...I have been tempted many times to sit on top of this thing to break it and say "oops...the cat did it!" But I am too chicken! I might get a splinter! I bought the lanterns, the beware sign and the bucket at Target. I stuck my plant in the bucket and it looks like hair on Frankenstein! I tossed real pumpkins around for added ambiance! The jar is:

One of my favorite additions! I was clearing off the top and had an empty jar (this one is an antique I might add!) and I also had a ton of packages of webs in my bin. So I pulled some out...fluffed it up and stuck spiders all kinda gives me the creeps as I HATE spiders but I love how it turned out!
I found this awesome Halloween tin one year at Michael's and fell in love! Its just big enough to hold all of our Halloween and Fall books! The other basket next to it contains Halloween themed crafting tools from stamps, googly eyes to even stickers and sparkly glue! We switch it out each holiday and the kids love it!
And the last picture is my kitchen (again not all of it I took pictures of!) The tops of the cupboards are decorated with pumpkins galore! The window sill above my sink is accented with white and orange pumpkins and an orange flowering plant! Over by my Keurig I stuck a mini pumpkin in with the K-cups, pulled out my glass pumpkin candy jar (Target ALWAYS has these every year and they are fun to give to friends with treats inside! I keep it out for Thanksgiving too!) and I hung a sign I found at Michael's!

That's it easy peasy decorations on a budget! Hope you found a few ideas you can snag! Have a blessed day!

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  1. These are such cute decorations!!

    New follower from the blog hop! Can't wait to read more!
    Leslie @ Sincerely, Leslie

    1. Its so wonderful to meet you!! Thank you for stopping by! I'm a follower of yours as well!!