Little Mister Little Miss - Party Favors

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I am so excited that the party is now behind me! I must add that I had my little black book FILLED with ideas...but due to being so sick with this pregnancy I procrastinated and did 98% of it 2 days before the party! This party however became my favorite! We invited only our best friends and family and it was completely relaxing! We were planning an outdoor party but the Wednesday before it decided it would break out 80 day streak of NO rain and...well pour! Go figure! But we improvised and it all paid off! I am excited to share the party favors I made for the kids! I love how they turned out and I put a lot of thought into them! But each part was fairly easy! I made boy ones and girl ones!

I took the Hershey mini candies and I covered each one with scrapbook paper to match our party! I found candy necklaces at Winco that I placed in each box. The army men I found at K-mart. The lip kazoo and ring were in the Halloween section at I think Michael's...but honestly cannot remember! In the little containers I made homemade lip gloss! SUPER easy! I found the containers at the dollar store of all places and was shocked! Normally I search high and low for them! To make the lip gloss mix equal parts Vaseline and koolaid in any flavor! That's it! I used the back of a plastic knife to stir and put in the containers! The mustaches are actually magnets I made out of felt! I found magnets that I could cut in half at Michael's and placed two on each side of the 'stache! I hand drew each mustache out on the brown felt before cutting them out!

The only difference in the girl boxes is I made each girl a bow on a no slip clip! These will be going into my shop later this Fall!

The Gable boxes I found from Somerset Market on Etsy! I LOVE them! I think I will be using them for Emily Grace's this Winter as well! And as I have raved about the lovely and adorable Candice of Hank and Petunia on Etsy designed my favor box labels! Aren't they adorable!? She added a lot of main touches to my party that I am dying to show you SOON!! Very soon!

I tied each box off with co-ordinating raffia I found at World Market and made an exact amount for each shortie to take home!

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