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Little Rays of Sunshine

12:00:00 AM

Today is something some may find super easy and others may find extremely difficult. But I challenge each one of you reading this to try it! I guarantee it will bring rays of sunshine to someone and could possibly change their entire outlook for the day! Are you ready for it?


Today I want you to pick 5 people to compliment!

  1. Your spouse - leave a post it note in their lunch or wallet telling them how blessed you are to be with/married to them. It could be long...or could be short and to the point! If you are away from eachother try a quick text!
  2. Your Best Friend - leave it on their facebook page, call them or even send them a quick text! I like the idea of them being able to read it again later! For added smiles!
  3. A child - for me it will be my own! But it could be any I LOVE how big your smile it is! It brightens up the whole room!
  4. Someone you see daily - be it your barista, the checker at your local grocery store or the kid that pumps your gas ( the gas part maybe only an Oregon thing!)
  5. A complete stranger - This will be one that will be hard for most but trust me can be the most meaningful!
See! Not too hard...but sure to fill others hearts (and yours) with gladness! Have a blessed day!

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  1. This one is easy for me :) I talk to everyone lol

  2. Awww... I like this. Sometimes we forget to show appreciation, especially to the ones we love most.