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Do you remember when I decided to do the Just Between Friends sale back in April?! Holy moly...its time consuming, time consuming, messy, cluttered, time consuming and kind of a pain! But you know what?! I got my crazy the bug and decided to do it all over again! Wondering what the JBF sale is?! I have blog posts I did about it: HERE, HERE and HERE!

They changed things up a bit this year and have made it so you have a "universal" number so that if you would like to enter a Just Between Friends sale in another State or City you can easily do so and not have to change your tags! Cool idea...but. My number changed! That's OK I went through and changed pricing on some of my tagged items that were left over from the previous sale anyhow! It was JUST as stressful as the time before, but it was much easier! Now that I had one under my belt I had a system down! I even had a great system for when we arrived to disperse our items amongst the floor of the Expo center! A bag with ONLY shoes, a bag with ONLY books and movies, a basket with ONLY toys, a basket of miscellanous items and then all the clothes seperated by sex and size in baskets!

One thing that was pretty neat they did this time around, was if you had done the previous sale and had 3 or less items removed from the floor (after placed out there) then you were put on what they called a "preffered" list. This means you are able to come on a seperate day to bring your items in AND get to bi-pass having your items gone through and looked at (which is the LONGEST part once you are actually there!). I worked the night of so went the regular day and they put a gold sticker on my tag and I was good to go! It was WONDERFUL! In fact, I am able to do the same thing this next time IF I have 3 or less items rejected! Woo hoo! Talk about goals!

First night of tally's have already been posted! On my first night I have already made more than 1/2 of what I did the entire last sale! I tagged 199 items and already sold 51! I was thrilled that some of the items I REALLY wanted to sell (like a cradle that takes up our entire room and we decided we wanted to get a co-sleeper instead) for $50! I am once again not volunteering this year. Its not worth it for me. BUT they changed the way the room was set up this year and I didn't feel overwhelmed like the last time I was there! Next sale is in April...and of course I will most likely be IN the hospital! But you know what?! I think I may pre-tag everything and have my rockstar hubby take it all in since he has been my partner in crime each time I have gone! (something I highly recommend if your husband is willing and able! Hire a sitter and then have your husband tag team the floor with you!) I will keep you all posted on how I did! But I am pretty pleased for pulling late nighters and starting on Monday! (drop off was Wednesday!)

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