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8:18:00 AM

I am SO excited about today's Rays! Noah was itty bitty and I was up watching Extreme Home Makeover when they made this AMAZING house for this soldier who was over fighting for our country. He was away and unable to take care of his family and his family was watching their house crumble around them. At the end they talked about an organization called "Soldier's Angels". I was so touched and felt compelled to do something. So we logged on, read the commitment and signed up to become an "angel"! You would be amazed at HOW many soldiers do not receive care packages from home. Either they do not have anyone over here waiting/watching for them or their families cannot afford to. We are definitely in no perfect financial state BUT I knew we could do something.

We packed things like HOMEMADE food we then used one of those little suck the air out and seal machines (for the life of me cannot think of the name! lol!) We sent lots of pictures, letters, drawings. We made messages on CD's and sent them. Toiletry items (they usually need the smaller sized items because a lot of the soldiers will be on the move at a moments notice). Letters of gratitude or even updating him on what is going on with his favorite sports team! You are committed until your soldier returns home! I will admit, it IS a commitment! We looked at our soldier like he was a part of the family. We sent pens, paper, envelopes and pre-printed address labels in hopes of hearing back. We only received 1 letter and it was with the sheets we sent him asking items, brands etc of things that he preferred and liked. Some people continue having a relationship with their soldiers LONG after they come home! My Great Uncle who was in the air force still keeps in touch regularly with some of the men and women he sent packages to!

This is something you and another family could take on together if you like. Or a book club, church community group etc.

There is also another organization out there called Adopt a Soldier that has recently had a major influx of soldiers and are currently looking for people to sign up to help out! I know for Soldier's Angel's we have a facebook forum set up. I belong to Oregon and Washington. We find out needs, gain support from one another and its been really helpful!

Have a blessed day!

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