7 years

What itch?

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Now I am NOT gonna lie here...I do not for the life of me get the whole "7 year itch" term for marriage? I bought extra benedryl just in case...but I'm not itchin'?!

Today I celebrate my 7 year wedding anniversary with the most amazing man a girl could ask for! I decided to take a walk down memory lane and made collages of some of my favorite pictures and favorite people! I had 7 bridesmaids (Amber, Kelly, Dana, Heather, Cindy, April & Janice). We had 7 groomsmen (Mike, Josiah, Matt, Dan, Patrick, Sean & Joe). 3 ring bearers (Jake, Joe & Jack). 3 junior bridesmaids (Katie & Natalie), 2 flower girls (Emma & Jasmine) and a partridge in a pear tree! We also had ushers which were people that were VERY important to us as well. In fact my best guy friend from High School walked my mom down the isle for me...really truly that is still one of the most special moments on that day! My dad and I did our hand shake and belly bump before he gave me away...oh yes...we did that! And the pictures of every ones faces were HIL to the LARIOUS! No joke!

The joke above is...Paul's dad's cousin married us. And he accidentally kept calling Paul "Dave" (his dad's name!)...we were cracking up! Our wedding day was not exactly how we planned it. Lets just say this...a dirty rotten NO GOOD scoundrel...AKA the reception ballroom/caterer that also was housing my decorations...2 days before my wedding 2 DAYS...leaves me a voicemail saying he had money troubles and he was truly sorry but we were basically out everything. I cried. I bawled. I screamed and threw things! BUT we have an amazing family that pulled together the most AMAZING wedding reception in our Uncle's back yard! The food was divine and everything turned out 10x better than we could have ever imagined! Oh...what a blessing! My veil was made and dress was hemmed by one of my "moms" from  back home in Lowell! My hair was done by a friend from college and I had not only my mom and dad by my side...but also my OM (AKA "Other Mom"...she calls me her OD "Other Daughter"!) who helped me get the butterflies away! Speaking of which we released (no joke!) at the reception (our Junior Bridesmaids carried in vases with live butterflies as part of my Native American culture believes that the butterfly is a symbol of transformation! So along with Native American blessings we also made a huge focus on the butterfly!)

The top pic is my girlie's from college! We were having our "usual" sour apple martini's! It was tradition on our nights out! Before Pinterest my mom and I came up with the clever cones with flowers in them (they are party hats...spray painted and elastic cut off. Ribbon attached in place of elastic and flowers and moss stuck inside to hang from each pew)

Most of our wedding party up top...the gorgeous girl on my lap is my niece Emma (I ADORE HER!!) DO you SEE the rice they threw at us?! We were finding it still while we were away on our honeymoon (we went to St. Lucia, Caribbean). Bottom left...Doyle just grabbed my boob...not on purpose of course but we were laughing SO hard! Bottom right is my parents and Paul's parents!

My OM is the one cracking up in the picture! Eeps my bestest friend from High School and her sweet wittle Abby!! Bottom right is Paul and his brothers! Yep...1 of 5 boys! Funny thing is we out number with girl grand kids!!

I cannot believe it has been 7 years since this day!! Oh and my cake arrived...WITHOUT flowers!! My mom thankfully was a florist! So MOM to the rescue!!

Paul surprised me with my dream car...a 57 Bentley! The driver even allowed our wedding party to write on the windows with LIPSTICK Just Married and tie cans onto the back! We drove that way all the way to the Rose Gardens where we walked amongst the roses as husband and wife before departing to our honeymoon sweet at Lucia Hotel. I just love the picture of our dads doing the "we did it" handshake at the end! Oh what a great day!

I can wholeheartedly say that my love grows deeper with every breath and beat of my heart. How incredibly blessed I am to be married to such an incredible man with 3 blessings to follow this monumental day!

To all that took part in our day...thank you again! From the bottom of my heart!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful day!!! You were a GORGEOUS bride!! What a lucky guy he is to have such an amazing wife!! Here's to many more wonderful years!!